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Crash outside an elementary school re-ignites age-old driving debate

by Brand & Martínez

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A car hopped a curb near a South Los Angeles school just after classes let out Wednesday. Several people were injured. NBC-LA

Eleven people including nine children were injured after a car driven by a 100-year old man jumped the curb and backed into a crowd outside of Main Street Elementary School in South Los Angeles yesterday.

Four of the kids are reported to be in serious condition.

The driver is Preston Carter who claimed that his brakes failed. He'll turn 101 next week.

A similar accident occurred nine years ago when an elderly driver killed 10 pedestrians and injured 63 at the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Incidents like this have sparked debate on how old is too old to have a drivers licence and get behind the wheel.

The DMV says it might start requiring drivers older than 70 to meet stricter requirements to stay on the road.

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