Brand & Martinez for August 30, 2012

2012 Republican National Convention: Day 2

Ann and Michelle's calculated campaign roles

The conventions give millions of people a chance to tune into the race. But one person who's not tuning in this week? First lady Michelle Obama.

President Obama answers your questions, nearly kills Reddit

The President reached out to an influential community that's full of taste-makers, potential donors and those who make cat videos go viral on YouTube.

Entitled or desperate? Millennials may be both

Arthur Levine. author of "When Hope and Fear Collide: A Portrait of Today's College Student," takes a look at the challenges facing the Millennial generation.

Sklartalk with Randy and Jason Sklar

Madeleine talks sports with Randy and Jason Sklar, hosts of the Sklarboro Country podcast.

Crash outside a school re-ignites age-old driving debate

Eleven people were injured after a car driven by a 100-year-old man jumped the curb outside an elementary school Wednesday, leading some to ask: how old is too old to be driving?
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