Brand & Martinez for August 31, 2012


Fact-checking the Republican National Convention

Angie Holan is deputy editor of Politifact, a group that vets the claims made by politicians. She joins the show to review the speeches of the RNC.
Romney Accepts Party Nomination At The Republican National Convention

Clint Eastwood's chair takes center stage at RNC convention

Last night at the Republican National Convention, veteran actor Clint Eastwood took the stage. His reportedly unscripted speech went over time, was rambling and involved chastising an empty chair that Eastwood said was a stand in for President Obama.
Mercer 19739

Tortilla titan dies at 81

A titan of the tortilla industry died last week: Roberto Gonzalez Barrera was a Mexican a billionaire who founded Gruma - the world's largest corn flour and tortilla company. Barrera died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 81.
Hatch Chile

Hatch chiles heat up California (slideshow)

Chiles from Hatch Valley, NM have a huge following in California. Fans wait all year to buy hot peppers ranging from mild to extra-extra hot. We tried the so-called Double X.
Ben Bernanke

How will the Fed help the economy?

The Federal Reserve is hosting their annual meeting of economists and prominent central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wall Street pays very close attention to the goings on at the meeting, hoping for clues on how the Central Bank is feeling about the economy.
Expensive paper bag

The Dinner Party: Chic paper bags, Uncle Sam's b-day and Ray Bradbury

Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam, hosts of The Dinner Party, join A Martinez to discuss the hot conversation starters for the weekend. On tap this week: chic paper bags, Uncle Sam’s birthday and Ray Bradbury.
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