Brand & Martinez for September 4, 2012

USDA Defines Organic Standards

Is organic food really that good for you?

A new study from Stanford University questions the health benefits of eating organic food.

A look at Mayor Villaraigosa's political future

Mayor Villaraigosa is set to make a big splash at the Democratic National Convention this week. As he begins his role as convention chairman, we'll take a look at his political future.
New Report: Half Of Recent College Graduates Under- Or Unemployed

New college students worried about loan debt

New college students are already worried about the amount of money they've borrowed to go to school, and with good reason. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, outstanding student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion dollars.
'The Amazing Spider-Man' Germany Premiere

Looking back at the summer box office

The box-office tracker says 2012 attendance bottomed out to its lowest level in at least 20 years with revenues down 3 percent from last year.

A journey from Mexico to LA in 'The Distance Between Us'

The memoir, "The Distance Between Us" is a riveting first person narrative that chronicles a family's journey from Mexico to Los Angeles in the '80s.
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