Brand & Martinez for September 5, 2012

Awesome/Not Awesome: Polite parents, carnival champs and America hates Oogieloves

Emagine Entertainment/Flickr

The Michigan-made film, Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, premiered at Emagine Royal Oak on the 8th of August.

This Wednesday on Awesome/Not Awesome, Luke Burbank tips a hat to a couple with twins, shames the best carnival game player in the world, and kicks the box office disaster "Oogieloves" when it's down.

The movie "Oogieloves," made by the creator of TeleTubbies (and starring TeleTubbies surrogates), bombed this weekend in spectacular fashion. Released in over 2,000 theaters with virtually no promotion, the film averaged $207 a theater, meaning less than 30 people saw it per theater ... for its entire run (that's three to four days).

However, now that the Internet's downwind of Oogie, it's anticipating a possible comeback (even if that's comprised mostly of stoned college students).

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