Brand & Martinez for September 5, 2012

Denver Prepares To Host The Democratic National Convention

Campaign fever turns into campaign fatigue for reporters

The presidential election is still eight weeks away, but a highly-infectious case of campaign fatigue already has contaminated the media pool.

Awesome/Not Awesome: America hates Oogieloves

Luke Burbank tips a hat to a couple with twins, shames the best carnival game player in the world, and kicks the box office disaster "Oogie Loves" when it's down.
Democratic National Convention: Day 1

Did Julian Castro's keynote strike the right chords?

The speech emphasized education, and the value of social welfare, hammering the point that "freedom isn't free, but neither is opportunity. We have to invest in it."
Prison Realignment

LA County ground zero for prison realignment

30,000 inmates are expected to fall under the supervision of local authorities as part of California’s prison realignment plan, but police worry about rising crime rates.
The Mercedes-Benz 250

Car sales surge to more than 20 percent last year's numbers

According to Autodata Corp, overall car sales are up 20 percent since last year at this time. A Martinez talks with Matt DeBord about the sales surge.

The thing about twins: How they fascinate and freak us out

Twins have a long, sordid history of both fascinating us and... kind of freaking us out. Where does the nation's obsession with twins come from?
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