Brand & Martinez for September 6, 2012


Why Bill Clinton still has his mojo

Last night, Bill Clinton gave what's being called the speech of his life. We speak to a speech coach about tricks politicians use to make their talks memorable.

Fact checking Clinton's claims about jobs

Most everyone agrees that the key issue in this presidential campaign is the economy, and more specifically, jobs. Last night, Democrats, including former President Clinton, talked about jobs, and argued that Americans are actually better off than they were four years ago.
Medical Marijuana

MAP: UCLA study finds 472 pot shops in LA

After cross-referencing the city registry and visiting every address on the list, a group of UCLA researchers verified all of the registered marijuana dispensaries.
Amazon Introduces New Tablet At News Conference In New York
John Moe of the Marketplace Tech Report is back with his weekly update on all things technology.
Prison Realignment

Thousands of parolees become local officials' responsibility

California's criminal justice system is seeking to comply with a federal court order to reduce the prison population, but ex-offenders need help leaving the criminal life.
The City Of Toronto Prepares For The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto Film Fest preview

The Toronto Film Festival starts Thursday. Hundreds of movies will be screened over 10 days, including new films from directors like Ben Affleck, the Wachowski brothers and Paul Thomas Anderson. Kyle Buchanan, the movies editor for New York Magazine, previews some of the most highly-anticipated films.
2012 US Open - Day 10

Sklars on sports

Randy Sklar, one half of the sports comedy duo the Sklar brothers, joins the show to discuss the latest in sports. This week, the NFL season kicks off, Roger Federer goes down at the US Open and the Dodgers disappoint in a loss against San Diego.
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