Brand & Martinez for September 10, 2012

NFL puts in replacement referees

Courtesy of the San Diego Chargers/NFL

Replacement referee Shannon Eastin made history Sunday by becoming the first woman to officiate a regular season NFL game.

Week one of NFL's regular season is underway. What isn't so regular is that the league has replaced all its referees.

The NFL's in a labor battle with its officials, and replacement referees are making the calls until an agreement can be reached.

Thirteen games were played yesterday and there are two more tonight. How are the refs doing?

Sam Farmer, NFL columnist for the LA Times, says it was a "mixed bag."

The most controversial call of the weekend was during a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals. The replacement referee gave the Seahawks a fourth timeout - even though others say that Seahawks didn't have a timeout left.

Also this weekend, history was made. Shannon Eastin became the first woman to be an official in an NFL regular-season game. She was a line judge in the St. Louis Rams / Detroit Lions game.

Guest: Sam Farmer, NFL columnist for the LA Times

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