Brand & Martinez for September 10, 2012

US Capitol Building

Congress returns to business

Members of Congress return to Capitol Hill Monday after a five-week recess. Number one on their agenda would be keeping the government running past the end of September by passing a spending bill.
A busy day on Wall Street

Markets thrive despite weak economy

Last week's employment numbers were pretty grim: the nation added less than 100 thousand jobs in August. That was bad news for everyone, except investors, who saw it as a sign the Federal Reserve might take some new action to stimulate the economy.

'Barrios to Burbs' examines middle-class Mexican American families

Moving up the social ladder isn't easy for anyone, but the path to the middle-class is more difficult for those of Mexican-American descent.

NFL puts in replacement referees

Week one of NFL's regular season is underway. What isn't so regular is that the league has replaced all its referees.
Book cover for D.T. Max's bio of David Foster Wallace, "Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story."

A look inside the complicated life of David Foster Wallace

D.T. Max's “Every Love Story is a Ghost Story,” chronicles David Foster Wallace's life from growing up in the Midwest in the 1970s to his unexpected suicide four years ago.

Chicago teachers walk out

In Chicago Sunday night, negotiations between the teachers union and school officials broke down. On Monday morning, 350,000 school children stayed home as their teachers walked picket lines.

As Chicago teachers strike, a look at LA Unified

Chicago is the third largest school district in the nation. Los Angeles is the second. So how do the two systems compare? A Martinez talks with KPCC's education reporter, Adolfo Guzman Lopez to find out more.

Dispute future for West LA VA campus

The 400-acre West Los Angeles Veterans Administration health center sits on prime real estate - right on the border of tony Brentwood near UCLA. It's a location developers would love to get their hands on, but there's been a push for years to use the space to house some of L.

Syrians arrive in Southern California

The Syrian civil war has produced hundreds of thousands of refugees. Most have headed to neighboring nations such as Lebanon and Jordan, but an increasing number are coming to the US - and to the L.

Parenting on the Edge: Good parenting or cyberstalking your kids?

Kids noodle with Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja on their cell phones.

Groundwater Plan Raises Concerns Over Fragile Aquifer

A company based in downtown Los Angeles has nursed a dream for a number of years now -- pumping billions of gallons of groundwater a year from under the Mojave Desert to the thirsty urbanized coast.
Curiosity self portrait

Music for Mars: JPL's Curiosity rover playlist

NASA's JPL has a tradition of playing a song for the Curiosity rover when they turn it on. So far they've used Queen, the Beatles and Kanye West to name a few.
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