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Brand & Martinez for September 11, 2012

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New York City Commemorates 10th Anniversary Of 9-11 Terror Attacks

The 'deafness' before the 9/11 attacks

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Those attacks and the lead-up to them were pored over by the 911 Commission many years ago, which then issued more than 40 recommendations to prevent a future attack. Many were followed, but some were not.

What does Los Angeles have against free parking?

There's a growing, vocal movement in urban planning to cut back on parking — free parking, to be specific. Cities like San Francisco and New York have turned parking spots into pedestrian friendly public spaces. Could LA be next?
Judge Rules That Contested Brooklyn Bike Lane Can Stay

Jason Neville reflects on living in LA without a car

Like a lot of young people, Jason Neville moved here to pursue his dreams. But, unlike most, Jason took a bit of a different path once he arrived in town. One that didn't include an automobile. At least, at first.
The earliest known surviving movie trailer

How movie trailers evolved from afterthought to art form

Movie trailers weren't always the adrenaline-inducing barrage of images we know today. They used to be more of an afterthought than an art form.
Darren Star & Maria Semple Speak At The Strand Book Store

Maria Semple's 'Where'd You Go, Bernardette?'

Author Maria Semple left LA several years ago and moved to Seattle. And that's where her latest novel, "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?," unfolds.

Paul Tough examines how children do (and don't) succeed

As the war over teacher compensation wages on, are schools properly educating children? That's what author Paul Tough tries to analyze in his new book, "How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character."
A plan to save the Salton Sea

Salton Sea creates a stink across Southern California

If you've been noticing a strange odor in the air lately, you are definitely not alone. Thousands of people all over Southern California have been complaining about a "mystery stench." And here to unravel that mystery is producer Meghan McCarty. She's been monitoring the situation for us.
Helado Negro Island Universe Story One

New Music Tuesday: Latin Alternative

It's time for another installment of New Music Tuesday. This week, we are reviewing latin alternative artists with Josh Kun, the Director of the Popular Music Project at USC Annenberg's Norman Lear Center, and Isabela Raygoza, the music editor at Remezcla Magazine Remezcla Magazine.

What happens when you take your kid to college

Comedy writer Lew Schneider is back with more tales of his life as a father. This week, he talks about sending his second son off to college, with the hope that he'll return a completely functioning human being.

Apple set to release its latest iPhone

After months of rumors and photos of alleged prototypes, Apple is set to unveil a new iPhone tomorrow. It's not just consumers who are excited about the launch. Analysts at J.P. Morgan say sales of the new iPhone could measurably increase the nation's Gross Domestic Product.
British author Hilary Mantel holds a cop

David Kipen previews the Man Booker Prize shortlist

Whether you consume your literature on an Apple device, or an old-fashioned printed book, you might want to check out some of the titles that made it onto this year's shortlist for The Man Booker Prize, which honors literary achievement by authors writing in British Commonwealth or former commonwealth countries.

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Brand & Martinez for September 21, 2012

Coming up, a new study finds that the least-educated whites in the U.S. are dying sooner. We'll talk with one of the researchers. NASA shuttle Endeavour flies over Los Angeles today before its expected landing at LAX. We'll check in with reporters as it makes its way over the city. And author Susan Straight has created an incredible environment through her trilogy of novels about the fictional city Rio Seco. Her newest novel, called Between Heaven and Here, explores the reactions of the mostly black residents of Rio Seco to the murder of a young prostitute. And we'll talk about the biggest news stories of the week with Molly Ball, politics writer for The Atlantic and James Rainey, political writer for the LA Times.

Brand & Martínez for September 20, 2012

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton briefs lawmakers behind closed doors today, could the killing of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens have been prevented with better protection? Also, a new study on whether repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell affected military morale. Endeavour fever takes over Los Angeles, the space shuttle finally arrives this morning. And, why are singing competition shows so popular? We discuss the voice wars on TV. The political ads in battleground states are overwhelming, but will they make a difference? And we'll take a look at the more ... outlandish ... ads that try to grab attention. How are the Chinese elite saving Las Vegas? A new congressional district here in Southern California reveals waning power among black voters. The Sklar Brothers are here with the latest highlights in sports, and we find out 'How to Survive a Plague.' A new documentary examines how the group ACT-UP forced drug companies to take AIDS seriously and come up with effective treatments.

Brand & Martínez for September 19, 2012

AEG recently announced it's for sale. The company that owns the Staples Center, the Kings and part of the Lakers looking for someone with very deep pockets. We'll find out what this means for a football stadium downtown. Also, could predicting the winner of the next presidential election lie in button sales? Then, we discuss a California initiative that would require labels for genetically modified food. And, Who Stole the American Dream? A new book by Hedrick Smith has some surprising answers. Is taking DNA samples from suspects unconstitutional? It's a potent crime fighting tool, but a federal court hears arguments today on whether DNA swabs are illegal search and seizure. How can parents and educated help gifted, but often misunderstood, children? It's pink and it's proud, the Beverly Hills Hotel turns 100 years young, and film buff Mark Jordan Legan is here with the best back-to-school movies.

Brand & Martínez for September 18, 2012

KPCC's Kevin Ferguson tours Terminal Island, one of the most endangered places in the country. A video shot at a fundraiser shows GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney stating that 47 percent of Ameicans believe they're entitled to help from the government. What will this latest gaffe mean for a campaign that's had a series of missteps? Also, Pat Krug tells us everything you've ever wanted to know about the sex life of sea slugs. Then, we look at pop-up governments in Syria, and how groups of civilians are trying to impose law in the middle of war. A key part of the exit strategy in Afghanistan is now being put on hold. As attacks on NATO troops escalate, the military suspends its joint patrols with Afghans, possibly putting the country's security in jeopardy. We'll take a look at the long history of America's involvement in Afghanistan. Blockbuster video game 'Borderlands 2' hits stores today, we'll have a preview. And its New Music Tuesday, we'll discuss the latest from Kanye and Carly Rae Jepsen.

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