Brand & Martinez for September 12, 2012

US Consulate Attack In Benghazi

US Ambassador and other officials killed in Libya

The American ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stephens, and three other State Department officials were killed when protesters set fire to the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, due to an American-made anti-Muslim film that ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad.
Romney And Ryan Campaign In Jacksonville

Libya's impact on the race to the White House

Will the attacks in Libya and Egypt become a defining moment for the Presidential campaign? Earlier this morning, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney held a press conference in Florida and took the Obama administration to task for its foreign policy. Romney singled out a statement issued last night by the American embassy in Cairo. That statement, issued before the deaths of the Americans were confirmed, condemned anti-Muslim rhetoric.
Sidewalk Astronomers

The lasting legacy of the Dobson telescope

This week marks the 97th birthday of John Dobson, known for designing a large, portable, low-cost Newtonian reflector telescope that bears his name, the Dobsonian telescope.
Movie Trailers

Inside one of LA's biggest movie-trailer houses

A lot goes into making those three-minute previews you see in theaters before the feature presentation.
Amazon Warehouse Employees Prepare For Their Busiest Time Of Year

Amazon begins to charge Californians sales tax

Amazon became a big player in the retail marketplace by offering the same products at a local store, for less. Part of this had to do with the fact that they didn't have to charge customers sales tax. Well, that all changes this week. On September 15, Amazon will start charging California residents state sales tax, which can be as high as 9.75 percent in some areas.

The anti-Islam film that sparked riots in Libya

The attacks on the U.S. Libyan embassy are believed to be caused by an anti-Islam film created by Sam Bacile. Bacile, described as a real estate developer, told the Wall Street Journal he is an Israeli-American and raised $5 million to finance his film, with the money coming from one hundred Jewish donors.

Filipinos seek to make splash in politics after decades of silence

Filipinos make up the second largest group of Asian Americans in California, second only to Chinese Americans.
Obama Holds Facebook Town Hall On The Economy

Can Facebook peer pressure your friends into voting?

Facebook is great for posting pictures of sunsets or sharing links with your friends, but could it bost voter turnout?
Health Officials Expect Active West Nile Season

Climate change may mean more mosquitoes, and diseases

It's mosquito season, and that means the West Nile virus is back. The Midwest outbreak this summer is the worst in US history, with 50 deaths so far in Texas alone. Fewer people have gotten sick in California, but the disease showed up here earlier than usual. And scientists are concerned that as the climate warms, West Nile and other mosquito-borne illnesses will gain a stronger foothold here. Reporter Molly Samuel explains.

Freddie Mercury bio examines the private life of the Queen frontman

Queen, led by charismatic front-man Freddie Mercury, was one of the best-selling rock bands of all time. But front-man Freddie Mercury had his own journey, separate from the glamorous image of Queen.
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