Brand & Martínez for September 13, 2012


Anti-American protests continue in Yemen and Egypt

Protesters throughout the Middle East continue to denigrate the anti-Islam film that sparked violence at the U.S. embassy at Libya. Those protests have now spread to several other countries including Morroco, Tunisia and Yemen.

The filmmaker behind the anti-Islam film

Details on the controversial film that sparked many of the protests in the Middle East still remain cloudy, but it appears 'Sam Bacile,' the name given yesterday as the movie's producer and director, was a fabrication.

Junot Diaz reflects on love in his latest book

In Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Junot Diaz's latest book, "This is How You Lose Her," he reflects on love and the immigrant experience.

City Hall reviews the latest plans for a downtown football stadium

At City Hall today, officials will discuss the plan to build a football stadium in downtown L.A. The proposal goes before the city's planning commission today.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Minnesota Vikings

Sklar bros on sports: Debating gay marriage on the gridiron

Randy and Jason Sklar, hosts of comedy and sports podcast Sklarbro Country, and History Channel's United Stats of America, join the show to talk about the latest in the sports world.
In Profile: 100 Years In US Presidential Races

Obama and Romney's path to the White House

Now that the party conventions are over, the race to the White House is on its final lap. NPR's political editor Ken Rudin explains what President Obama and Gov. Romney will need to win.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake spe

What does QE3 mean for you and me?

The Federal Reserve announced a new effort designed to stimulate the business climate and lower unemployment. Like everything else the Fed does, the plan is not so easy to understand. So Paddy Hirsch, senior producer at Marketplace who specializes in explaining complex and arcane financial details, joins the show to explain what QE3 means for the U.S. economy.

The best and worst shows on the fall TV schedule

The fall TV lineup offers a mix of new comedies and dramas. Maureen Ryan, television critic for the Huffington Post, said the dramas are "more promising."
Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles

The politics of deportation

Newly-released data from the Department of Homeland Security shows the U.S. deported a near-record number of undocumented immigrants in 2011. Republican and Democrats are both using the number to their political advantage. Adrian Florido with the Fronteras Desk at KPBS in San Diego reports.
Movie Trailers

Need dubstep for a movie trailer? There's a company for that

A growing number of companies specializes in making music just for movie previews. One of the most popular artists to imitate? Skrillex.
Teresa Strasser

Parenting on the Edge: Teresa Strasser juggles TV and pregnancy

Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, made headlines earlier this summer when she announced she was stepping into the top job while pregnant. The attention focused on whether she'd be able to manage the company while caring for a newborn. Teresa Strasser may not be running a multi-national internet company, but she hosts a nightly news magazine TV show, "The List," for Scripps Television. And she's pregnant. VERY pregnant.
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