Brand & Martínez for September 14, 2012


What we know about the controversial 'Innocence of Muslims' film

Anti-American protests have spread to Tunisia, India, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan and Yemen.

YouTube's reaction to the Middle East unrest

It's unclear if anyone has seen the "Innocence of Muslims" film in its entirety. What most people have seen is the 14-minute trailer on YouTube.
The Ultimate Movie Trailer

VIDEO: Movie trailer business has become survival of the fittest

The emphasis on unique sound design is one of the stylistic changes in the movie trailer industry, but the way we watch trailers is changing.
Vice President Xi Jinping

Searching for China's leader

It's been two weeks now since China's designated new leader-in-waiting Xi Jinping has been seen in public.
NHL Media Availability

The NHL nears a possible lockout

The National Hockey League is bracing itself for a lockout.
Image of the 2011 Federal Duck Stamp

The precarious future of the federal Duck Stamp contest

Martin J. Smith's new book "The Wild Duck Chase," takes readers inside motley crew of artists, stamp collectors and conservationists involved in the annual federal Duck Stamp contest.

Weekend Alibi: Roaring 20s, lobster, bikes and brews

Meghan McCarty is back with your Weekend Alibi - a roundup of the best entertainments in Southern California.
Evel Knievel Days

Author talk: 'Evel Knievel Days'

Author Pauls Toutonghi joins the show to talk with Madeleine Brand about his new novel, "Evel Knievel Days."
School Shooting

LAUSD's John Deasy begins his mission to lower drop-out rate

Today LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy kicks off an event at a local high school aimed at encouraging drop-out students to return and finish their education.
Deasy walks campus

LAUSD meets with Georgia-based discipline experts

Georgia judge Steve Teske will join the show to discuss his meeting with LAUSD and law enforcement officials today.

The Week in Review

....And a look back at an eventful week that started with the Chicago teachers' strike.
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