Brand & Martínez for September 17, 2012

What's at stake with Prop. 30?

What happens if Prop. 30 fails in November? Dan Dooley, the UC senior vice president for external relations, joins the show to discuss possible backup plans.
Empty Beach

Tighter border security drives more migrants to the sea

As enforcement at the border gets stricter, more migrants are taking to the ocean. This so called "sea smuggling" is particularly dangerous.
Downton Abbey Cookbook

'Downton Abbey' cookbook lets you feast like the Crawleys

Can't wait for season 3 of Downton Abbey? Maybe 'The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook," by Emily Ansara Baines will keep you satisfied until the January premiere.
Miami Marlins v Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers' new play is to spend big, is it working?

A trade with the Red Sox in August put the Dodgers on the hook for more than $260 million in future salaries. Will this big investment pay off?
Errol Morris.

Errol Morris reopens famous murder case in new book

A new book, called A Wilderness of Error, by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Errol Morris examines new evidence in the Jeffrey Macdonald case. More than three decades ago, Macdonald was convicted of the murder of his wife and two young daughters. The trial captivated the public and the press. Morris joins the show to discuss his book.
Valley in Uganda

Will oil supply help or hurt Uganda?

Uganda's economic prospects are changing because of an area of the Western Rift Valley, along the Nile River. That's where you'll find Lake Albert and Murchison Falls, along with national parks teeming with wildlife.
8th Annual TV Land Awards - Arrivals

Jimmie 'Dynomite!' Walker remembers 'Good Times'

Comedians try to come up with catch phrases to brand themselves or make their act memorable. Few succeed like Jimmie Walker. He was propelled to pop culture icon status when he started dropping the phrase "Dynomite!" on the 1970's sitcom "Good Times.
China Asia Disputed Islands

Chinese protest Japan's purchase of uninhabited islands

Over the weekend, the largest anti-Japanese demonstrations in decades took place in China.
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