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Netiquette: How to handle social media overload

by Brand & Martínez

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We've all talked about unplugging for a few days, disappearing to a cabin in the woods, leaving behind the smartphone, the laptop and the cat videos. But that's not a reality for most of us.

Social media expert Alexandra Samuel has a suggestion: plug in better. Samuel blogs about social media for publications such as the Harvard Business Review, and joins the show to explain how to get a grip on social media.

Instead of fighting information overload online, Samuel suggests to just control it better. Because in the modern world, the internet is unavoidable. Rather than get off Facebook, just dial back the time you spend on it, and the posts you scroll through, by using the "hide" button on Facebook updates on "friends" you don't care about.

Twitter can also get overwhelming once you start following hundreds of people. Samuel reccomends a web client like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to create lists for the people you follow, and manage those lists. There's also web clients that filter out hashtags. For instance, if you're sick of the RNC or DNC cluttering up your Twitter feed, you can put a filter on it and no longer see posts that include those words.

Is it a bad thing that everyone in your house is on social media? Not necessarily, if you take advantage of that, and use it for bonding. For example, find a game everybody plays together, a family blog or YouTube channel that everybody shares, or a social network everyone is on. Maybe kids don't want to be your friend on Facebook, but they might be willing to connect on Google+.


Alexandra Samuel, blogger about social media for publications such as the Harvard Business Review

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