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'Lifeguard style' leads to firings in El Monte

by Brand & Martínez

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A screen shot of El Monte lifeguards spoofing a Korean viral music video. YouTube

"Gangnam Style" by Korean Pop phenom Psy has been viewed more than 220 million times on YouTube, and has spawned dozens of parodies.

One of those parody videos was shot by a group of lifeguards in El Monte. The spoof shows the guards re-enacting the video's signature dance moves in a city pool while off-duty.

The video, called "Lifeguard Style," also went viral and attracted the attention of El Monte city officials

They fired all 13 lifeguards in the movie and their manager.

At a city council meeting last night, hundreds of lifeguard supporters and Gangnam enthusiasts showed up to voice their displeasure.

"According to managers in the city's recreation department, they violated policy by wearing their city-issued uniforms and performing in the City pool," said L.A. Times reporter Anh Do. "The council did not make clear whether they'll be rehired. According to the mayor, they need to get a clear sense of what happened involving the firings and review their policies and procedures and perhaps look at social media guidelines for the city."


Anh Do, reporter for the LA Times

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