Brand & Martínez for September 19, 2012

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LA sports conglomerate AEG up for sale

Anschutz Entertainment Group, known as AEG, recently announced it's up for sale. AEG owns Staples Center, the Home Depot Center, the LA Kings, the LA Galaxy and they have an ownership stake in the Lakers. Basically, the company dominates professional sports in Los Angeles.

Could button sales be the key to predicting politics?

When you think of people that make money from politics, most would mention lobbyists or campaign strategists, but what about buton makers? We reconnect with NYC button maker Mort Berkowitz and talk politics and his new favorite slogans.
Dr. Raquel Chan displays test plants (Ar

Props To You: Breaking down Prop. 37 and GMOs

We're less than 50 days away from the election, and its not just the next president that will be decided on November 6. There are eleven propositions on the California ballot this year. And while we're sure you've all been studying your ballot guides studiously, we've decided to give you a little help with a new series we're calling "Props To You"

Hedrick Smith asks 'Who Stole The American Dream?'

Veteran journalist Hedrick Smith examines the roots of our current economic and political problems in his new book, "Who Stole the American Dream?"
Beverly Hills Hotel

Photos: Iconic Beverly Hills Hotel turns 100, receives landmark status

To celebrate its 100th birthday, the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel finally gets landmark status from the City of Beverly Hills.
DNA Evidence Assist In ID of LA Suspected Killer

Is collecting DNA samples from suspected criminals unconstitutional?

California law requires police officers to take DNA samples from people who've been arrested, but never convicted, of a crime. Law enforcement officials gather 11,000 DNA samples a month that are then logged into a state or federal database. Police can use those samples to solve other crimes when DNA is found at another crime scene, but civil rights advocates say those DNA swabs are an unconstitutional "search and seizure" and is an invasion of privacy.

Filipino nurses win landmark language discrimination settlement

Earlier this week, a group of Filipino-American nurses won a $975,000 settlement against a Central California hospital.
Schools Begin Fall Semester In New Orleans

Parenting on the Edge: Dealing with gifted children at a young age

Some highly gifted children are being mis-diagnosed as being on the Autism spectrum, because along with their intelligence they can be socially awkward. Highly gifted young children may appear "out of sync", particularly in preschool settings where curricula are built around the assumptions of typical development, according to child psychologist Dr. Stephanie Meyer.

'Lifeguard style' leads to firings in El Monte

"Gangnam Style" by Korean Pop phenom Psy has been viewed more than 220 million times on YouTube, and has spawned dozens of parodies. One of those parody videos was shot by a group of lifeguards in El Monte. The spoof shows the guards re-enacting the video's signature dance moves in a city pool while off-duty. The video, called Lifeguard Style, also went viral and attracted the attention of El Monte city officials, who fired all 13 lifeguards in the movie and their manager.
Dead Poets Society

Movies to get you into the back-to-school spirit

TV writer and film buff Mark Jordan Legan shares some movies that will put you in the back-to-school spirit. Sharpen your pencils, organize your notebooks and enjoy.
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