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The war for ratings is on for TV singing competition shows

The "American Idol" Season 10 Judges' Panel Officially Announced

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Singers Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, musician Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest appear onstage at a press conference to officially announce the season 10 "American Idol" judges panel at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Ten years ago, "American Idol" introduced audiences to a new addictive pleasure: a panel of celebrity judges who choose a fresh-faced performer to become the next pop idol.

The show's ratings shot through the roof, some of the winners went on to stardom, and the judges kept the audience hooked with a mix of brutal put downs and teary accolades.

Executives from Fox sang all the way to the bank. And then the other networks saw the light.

Now, there are three shows all vying for the same audience, and the networks are scrambling to keep the audience hooked.


Lisa De Moraes, columnist for the Washington Post

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