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Author Susan Straight fictionalizes Riverside in trilogy

by Brand & Martínez

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Susan Straight closes out her trilogy about the fictional Rio Seco with "Between Heaven and Here."

Write what you know. It's a dictum you'll hear from virtually every creative writing teacher, and something that novelist Susan Straight takes to heart.

Riverside native Susan Straight has created a world set in a fictional version of her hometown. She's called the place Rio Seco and depicts it as a place where people are close, but detached from the outside world.

The last of a trilogy of novels about Rio Seco is out now.

It's called "Between Heaven and Here," and it explores the reactions of the mostly black residents of Rio Seco to the murder of a young prostitute. Glorette is not just a hooker. She's the most beautiful woman anyone in Rio Seco has ever seen.

The novel features a cast of characters, each based on people Straight has known or heard about.

Read an excerpt:


Susan Straight, author of "Between Heaven and Here"

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