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What Apple's domination means for the rest of the stock market

by Brand & Martínez

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Buyers wait outside an Apple Store in New York to get their iPhone 5s before everyone else. The new smartphone notched 2 million in pre-orders in its first 24 hours. DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images

Apple's iPhone 5 went on sale today. It's expected to be the biggest consumer-electronics product launch in history, with as many as 10 million iPhones sold this weekend worldwide.

Apple is currently the world's most valuable company. Its stock price this morning was around $700 a share and makes up 13 percent of the NASDAQ and 5 percent of the S&P.

Very few companies have had such outsized influence on the markets. What does this mean for Wall Street and how will it play out for consumer electronics at large? What do you think of Apple's market domination, should investors be concerned?


Henry Blodget is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider.

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