Brand & Martinez for September 21, 2012

Coming up, a new study finds that the least-educated whites in the U.S. are dying sooner. We'll talk with one of the researchers. NASA shuttle Endeavour flies over Los Angeles today before its expected landing at LAX. We'll check in with reporters as it makes its way over the city. And author Susan Straight has created an incredible environment through her trilogy of novels about the fictional city Rio Seco. Her newest novel, called Between Heaven and Here, explores the reactions of the mostly black residents of Rio Seco to the murder of a young prostitute. And we'll talk about the biggest news stories of the week with Molly Ball, politics writer for The Atlantic and James Rainey, political writer for the LA Times.
Space Shuttle Endeavour Begins Trip To Los Angeles

Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images

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Today, a new study from Stanford University questions the health benefits of eating organic food; Mayor Villaraigosa begins his role as DNC chairman, we'll take a look at his political future; According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, outstanding student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion dollars; The box-office tracker says 2012 attendance bottomed out to its lowest level in at least 20 years; Then, we talk with the author of "The Distance Between Us," a riveting first-person memoir that chronicles a family's journey from Mexico to Los Angeles in the eighties.

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On the final day of the Republican convention, Mitt Romney accepted his party's nomination, but he may have been upstaged by a chair and Clint Eastwood; Roberto Gonzalez Barrera, the titan of the tortilla industry, died last week. A Martinez talks to Gustavo Arellano about Guerrero's influence on the American palate; Reporter Josie Huang takes a look at the heritage, culture and agricultural traditions of the hatch chile; A Martinez talks with Marketplace's Paddy Hirsch about the economic summit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Then, The Dinner Party guys talk about chic paper bags, Uncle Sam's birthday and Ray Bradbury; Finally, the British hit "Dr. Who" is making a big splash in the U.S.

Brand & Martinez for August 30, 2012

Today on Brand & Martinez, Madeleine talks with Jodi Kantor, reporter with the New York Times, about how both Obama and Romney are perceived by the public; President Obama nearly disables Reddit after announcing that he would answer questions from users; How Millennials view the world -- MB looks at the millennial age group, and their views on work, school and society (and reads a poem on the subject); Madeleine talks sports with Randy and Jason Sklar.

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Brand & Martinez for August 29, 2012

Today, we begin by checking in with Chancellor Jack Scott on the state of California Community Colleges; Ed Leibowitz of L.A. Magazine joins the show to talk about his profile on LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy; We learn more about the unfolding public health crisis in Yosemite after two people have died from hantavirus; Meet one wheelchair-bound Paralympic competitor who hopes to spear gold in fencing; David Kipen joins the show to talk about the literature of political conventions; Then, we talk about President Obama's new standards for fuel efficiency and Luke Burbank is back with Awesome/ Not Awesome.

Governor Jerry Brown

Brand & Martinez for August 28, 2012

The California State Legislature is winding up its session with a flurry of activity on immigration and pensions. We'll find out what's in store for the state. And Andrea Seabrook is a familiar voice to NPR listeners. She covered Congress for more than a decade. But earlier this summer she left NPR to start a new venture. She calls it Decode DC, and she hopes her new blog and podcast will let her step away from the daily political theater that makes up most of what's covered as news, so she can focus on what Congress actually does, or doesn't do. And we'll talk with music critic Brad Wette, for our New Music Tuesday segment.

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Brand & Martínez for August 27, 2012

Tropical Storm Isaac has put a damper on the Republican National Convention. Reporter Frank Stoltze is there to fill us in on the scene in Tampa. Looking at the U.S. voting system, legal scholar Rick Hasen joins the show to discuss his new book, "The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election." We talk to a fisherman based in New Orleans about how he's bracing for Tropical Storm Isaac, which is expected to become a hurricane this week. We talk with earthquake expert Dr. Lucy Jones about the cluster of earthquakes that happened Sunday in Southern California. Reporter Corey Moore catches up with a Paralympic runner from Burbank and Arthur Levine talks about the mind of a Millennial.