Kevin Roderick of LA Observed on the late Mark Lacter

Kevin Roderick, creator and editor of LA Observed, shares his thoughts about business blogger (and KPCC contributor) Mark Lacter with Steve Julian.

Kevin Roderick/LA Observed

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L.A.'s underemployment rate; California's credit ratings

KPCC business analyst Mark Lacter says L.A.'s increasing underemployment rates make it harder for people to compete in the job market ; he also talks about how California's slumming credit ratings are affecting the state's abilty to borrow more money from lenders.

California's job market could take a while to recover

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter discusses the latest UCLA Anderson Forecast, which predicts that California's unemployment rate could stay in double digits into 2011; Mark also looks at how hotels and airlines are coping in the current economy.

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Impact of budget crisis on state economy, state jobs

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter looks at the impact the state budget crisis is having on the broader economy and the state's employment rolls.

LA's richest are not getting richer; port traffic way down

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