Kevin Roderick of LA Observed on the late Mark Lacter

Kevin Roderick, creator and editor of LA Observed, shares his thoughts about business blogger (and KPCC contributor) Mark Lacter with Steve Julian.

Kevin Roderick/LA Observed

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Who wants to buy the LA Times?

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says price will be a major factor when it comes to selling the Times.Susanne Whatley: The owner of the L.A. Times is selling all its newspapers. We heard Warren Buffett say yesterday he is NOT interested.

How would sequestration affect Southern California's economy?

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says sequestration wouldn't have a major impact on the Southland.Steve Julian: As we head toward Friday's deadline on federal sequestration, we get an idea of how it'll affect Southern California's economy.

Governor Rick Perry tries to lure California businesses to Texas

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says Texas Governor Rick Perry's plan may be misguided.Steve Julian: Mark, what's working for or against him?Mark Lacter: First off, Steve, his timing in trying to recruit businesses out here is pretty bad.

What an airline merger means for passengers at LAX

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says American Airlines is close to a deal with US Air.Steve Julian: Mark, what impact will this have on L.A.?Mark Lacter: Whenever two big airlines are combined, Steve, it often means fewer flights and higher fares, but a lot depends on the individual markets they're serving.

Tech and media companies head to the Southland

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says tech and media companies keep expanding along the West Coast.Steve Julian: Mark, one of those pockets is near Los Angeles?Mark Lacter: Steve, when you do traffic reports in the morning, how often are there tie-ups on the westbound 10 headed to Santa Monica?Julian: Only on weekdays that end with a Y…Lacter: Well, that's a nice little barometer of economic activity in L.

Disney and Mattel among So Cal companies bouncing back in the stock market

KPCC's business analyst Mark Lacter says the stock market is nearing an all time high and at least a few Southern California companies are among those cashing in.