The Best of Car Talk

The best of Car Talk, the long-running public radio program hosted by brothers and long-time mechanics Ray and Tom Magliozzi (better known as "Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers").

Recent Episodes

#1621: Odometer Dreams

This week on The Best of Car Talk, Bill's broken odometer fixed itself, right after Bill dreamed it was working. Will Tom and Ray have a mechanical explanation, a metaphysical explanation, or (most likely) a boooooogus explanation? Elsewhere, Toby wants her husband to get rid of her old BMW, but he's proving as immovable as the car; Sally is getting half her husband's mileage, and hopes it's not because she's buying cheap gas from Rotten Robbie; and Derek's dog would really appreciate it if Derek could get his Impreza to stop lunging forward. All this, plus a round of Stump the Chumps, and lots more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.

#1620: Camp Gone to the Dogs or Bust

This week on The Best of Car Talk, can Cathy drive her dog 2,000 miles to summer camp in a truck without AC, or should she spend big bucks to cool all involved? Elsewhere, Dorothea's dealer changed her belts, and now her car is shrieking. Does she need a big lawyer, or a big stick? Also, Richie's dual oil system proves the adage, "The stingy man spends the most."; Tom and Ray ponder whether members of the Witness Protection Program get to hang out with each other; and did you know William Shakespeare was Italian? All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Talk.