Car Talk

Car Talk, hosted by brothers and long-time mechanics Ray and Tom Magliozzi (better known as "Click and Clack, The Tappet Brothers"), offers an hour of car repair advice from a humorous perspective, to say the least.

Recent Episodes

#1339: Not the Wiggly Road!

This week on Car Talk, Nancy's three-year-old son is a puker. He gets car sick whenever Nancy drives on the winding Pacific Coast Highway, but comes through unscathed if Daddy is behind the wheel. Could the lead in Nancy's foot be the cause? Elsewhere, Sally's husband gave her a vintage Dodge Dart, but a brake problem has her wondering if he's really trying to bump her off. Also, Jake's car is turning into a Chia-Pontiac, growing hair in unusual places; Jason has three problems with his Dodge Colt, aside from the biggest problem--that he's driving a Dodge Colt; and Tom and Ray turn to you the audience for help figuring out the best way to drive over a washboard road. Is "minimal contact" a winning strategy? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

#1338: Roadside Tonsorial Privileges

This week on Car Talk, the Great Haircut Debate continues, as listeners weigh on whether it's ethical to use a roadside McDonalds' restroom without buying anything.  On the automotive front, Ellen's mechanic says he can tell her Dodge Caravan is dying by the smell of its oil. Tom and Ray smell a conspiracy between the mechanic and Ellen's husband, who wants a new Volvo. Also, how a car's transmission is like the family dog; a book from 1922 might help fix Nikki's noisy Jeep; and on Stump the Chumps, we find out if John's sister duped him when she sold him his old VW Golf. All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

#1337: The Stunad Stare

This week on Car Talk, Tom in Vermont would like to convince his son that towing a 1978 Land Cruiser cross-country with his girlfriend's small pickup truck is a bad idea. But, Tom's afraid that any words of caution will be thrown to the wind, just because of his "Dad" status. Should he try reverse psychology? Elsewhere, Lisa's hopes of meeting her cute neighbor have been complicated by the embarrassing screeching noise her Civic makes every morning; and Denise would like to find a way to keep her Ford Maverick running without a clothespin stuck in the carburetor. Also, since Leslie gave birth at a Chrysler dealership, should her minivan shopping begin and end there? All this, plus Opening Day for the new Puzzler season, and more, this week on Car Talk.

#1336: Haircut Etiquette

It's happened to all of us. You're on a long drive, when nature takes its course and you find yourself desperately needing to "take a haircut." Finally, a restroom appears, but it's inside a fast-food restaurant. This week on Car Talk, we tackle the moral quandary--if you use this restroom, are you obligated to get fries with that? Elsewhere, Tom is worried whether his Nissan's shocks can handle an upcoming road trip. Click and Clack are more worried that Tom plans to make said road trip with his mother and his girlfriend. Also, Erica's goal of getting her Camry to 200,000 miles hits a noisy obstacle; a clay-gathering trip turns smoky for Charlie's Explorer; and Bill's attempt to replace a broken belt with a pair of tights failed. Did he use the wrong size? The wrong color? Find out, this week on Car Talk.

#1335: The Fraternity of Teenagers

This week on Car Talk, Terri's trying to convince her teenaged son not to buy himself a 1960's muscle car. Tom and Ray are ready to back her up with a trunk full of reasons why he's more likely to meet girls if he's driving a 1986 Volvo (with mis-matched hubcaps). But their efforts may all be undone when they turn to Tom's son Alex to back them up. Elsewhere, Deena's hoping a horn transplant will cause other drivers to mistake her Chevy Nova for a diesel truck; Thomas is wondering if his local Quickie Lube guy was just trying to clean out his wallet when when he offered to clean Thomas' fuel injectors; and should Roe tell the friend who loaned her his Civic for three months that she spent a good portion of that time driving with the parking brake on? All this and more, this week on Car Talk.

#1334: The Pinkwater Measurement

This week on Car Talk, Click and Clack delve deep into scientific inquiry on the expanding American rump. The fruits of their labor? A new way to measure the human derriere. Presenting... the "Pinkwater," after Tom and Ray's pal, his rotundity, Daniel Pinkwater. Also, Kathleen has a moral, ethical and economic dilemma: to buy a SUV or buck the big car trend? And Matthew is struggling with his car washing technique. He's striving for spotless perfection on his parent's Voyager. Could the Shawalla be the answer to all of his car-cleansing woes? All this and much more, this week on Car Talk.