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Want to be the star of this weekend's dinner party? The Dinner Party Download provides a fast and funny “booster shot” of unconventional news, cuisine and culture to help you win.

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Speakeasy Special: Vinyls, Tyson(s) and Bears!

Surprise! Instead of serving up some delicious leftovers (i.e. a rerun), we’re serving up a fresh out of the oven Speakeasy special! This time around, Neil deGrasse Tyson explains why Albert Einstein would never use hairspray, “I Love Dick” and “Transparent” star Kathryn Hahn shares a story you should NEVER tell at a dinner party, […]

388: Alison Brie GLOWs, Samin Nosrat on Acid, & more

How Alison Brie body-slammed her way to a role in “GLOW”… Cook and author Samin Nosrat explains why Iranians are the best hosts ever… Beth Ditto serves up a party soundtrack — and great gravy… Giancarlo Esposito (“Better Call Saul”) gives us the silent treatment… a detailed discussion on Piet Mondrian (the guy who painted […]

Look Up and Listen!

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Feist, Fleet Foxes, a talking wolf named Nick Offerman, and more join us on an audio odyssey designed to reacquaint you with the wonders of nature! Hosts Brendan and Rico — two city slickers — stumble their way through the great outdoors (and outer space!), gleaning wisdom from unexpected sources. This hour […]

Dinner for One: Giancarlo Esposito, Master Character Actor… and One-Time Aspiring Reiki Master

This week, instead of a rerun, we’re serving up a Dinner for One special with one of the most celebrated character actors ever — Giancarlo Esposito. Known for roles in “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul,” “Do the Right Thing,” “The Get Down,” and more, Rico talks to Giancarlo about his carefully crafted acting method and […]

346: Saoirse Ronan, Cameron Diaz, Solomon Georgio

Encore Broadcast: Oscar-nominee Saoirse Ronan sharpens her skills in Broadway’s Crucible… Actor-and-author Cameron Diaz gives us impeccable advice — for the long haul… A new doc paints a portrait of David Hockney, an artist both bright and blue… One-man-band Kevin Morby recommends a few other artists (and BBQ masters) who went solo… Comedian-on-the-rise Solomon Georgio recalls […]

386: Damon Lindelof, Phoenix, Farewell to Frank Deford

Showrunner supreme Damon Lindelof (“Lost,” “The Leftovers”) hops into Rico’s hot tub time machine, then considers the paradoxes of fandom… The band Phoenix toasts a purring Bryan Ferry, video games in Japan, and the sounds of le cinema… We pay tribute to late great sportswriter Frank DeFord, who throws us some etiquette curveballs… Musician Lynn […]