Filmweek: “Birdman,” “Fury,” “The Best of Me” and more

Larry Mantle and KPCC film critics Andy Klein, Henry Sheehan and Charles Solomon review this week’s releases, including “Birdman,” “Fury,” “The Best of Me” and more. TGI-Filmweek!

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FilmWeek for Apr 25, 2008

This new documentary chronicles the story of Tomas Young, a 26-year-old soldier who was shot and paralyzed from the chest down after serving in Iraq for less than a week. The film was produced and directed by Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro. It follows Young as he deals with his disability and ultimately becomes an anti-war protestor and what he describes as a "political irritant." Larry talks with Donahue and Spiro about the film.

FilmWeek for Apr 18, 2008

In his recent article for The Atlantic, Ross Douthat examines how the Iraq War and President Bush have sent the movie industry back to the paranoid, cynical era of the 1970s. Larry talks with Douthat about his theory that the industry is again trying to connect with Americans who are trying to cope with a military quagmire, rising oil prices, ecological destruction, and political corruption.

FilmWeek for Apr 11, 2008

Larry and FilmWeek critics Lael Loewenstein and Wade Major, talk about why foreign language films have such a hard time finding distribution in the U.S., how critics can encourage audiences to see them, and why Americans seem to have such an aversion to sub-titles.

FilmWeek for Apr 04, 2008

News of staff cuts at newspapers around the country has become fairly common lately. Among those who have been laid off or have taken buy-outs are film critics at dozens of dailies and weeklies. Though a plethora of movie blogs exist on the Web, critics whose work appears in print seem to be a dying breed. Larry and three of our FilmWeek critics discuss the trend.

FilmWeek for Mar 28, 2008

Yes, it's true and coming to a theater near you. An Australian theater company and its investors plan to build new luxury theaters in the U.S. that charge $35 bucks a head. What will you get for your thirty-five dollars? Reclining seats, waiter service, and valet parking. Is it worth it? Well, it seems folks in other countries think so because they've been showing up to luxury venues there. But will these luxury theatres entice American audiences into the theatres, especially in this era of shrinking box office revenues and our declining economy. Ted talks with Rob Goldberg of Village Roadshow Cinemas about the luxury theatres his company is planning to bring to the States.

FilmWeek for Mar 21, 2008

Larry and critics Andy Klein, of CityBeat, and Claudia Puig, of USA Today, review some of the week's new feature films including "Drillbit Taylor," "The Grand," "The Hammer," and "Under the Same Moon," as well as the documentaries "Fighting for Life" and "'Tis Autumn."