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First Person: Carlos Morales credits cycling for saving his life
When Morales founded the Eastside Bike Club in 2008, he weighed 400 pounds. Today he's fit and healthy, and using biking to spread the gospel of healthy living.
First Person Luke Quezada
Discarded materials in his family's backyard are transformed into a 'book swap library.'
First Person - Corazon Navarro
Many of the pregnant prisoners at the California Institute for Women in Chino have had no previous prenatal care, and are struggling with drug abuse/and or STD's.
Dr. Jimenez St. Francis Hospital
Trauma surgeon Michael Jimenez believes he has a responsibility to try to persuade the gang members he treats to turn away from gang life.
Grossing Guard Community Health
Retired dentist Tony Abdalla is the crossing guard at Arroyo Vista Elementary School in South Pasadena. He seems to know every kid and parent by name.
First Person Dorothy
The executive director of the Orange County Symphony for years lobbied the Anaheim school district to create a music program. Now 1,300 kids are enrolled in an orchestra program.
Anne Hars' husband had a serious car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Her struggle to help him was eased when she found a community of support.