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First Person: Dr. Corazon Navarro treats pregnant prison inmates

by Deepa Fernandes | First Person

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Dr. Corazon Navarro in her office at the California Institution for Women. She is the only full-time obstetrician/gynecologist assigned to the health clinic. Mae Ryan/KPCC

Dr. Corazon Navarro has been treating pregnant state prison inmates since 1987. She is the OB/GYN at the California Institute for Women in Chino.  There are "a lot of challenges" working in the prison, she says. Many of Navarros' patients never saw a doctor during their pregnancy before landing in prison. And many are dealing with drug abuse and/or sexually transmitted diseases. The prison medical system was "not really up to par" when she started working there, says Navarro. But now she feels it has significantly improved, from the medical records system to the medications to the quality of the doctors.

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