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First Person: Dr. Sophia Momand is driven to help the homeless

by Sanden Totten | First Person

Dr. Sophia Momand with the makeshift mobile kit she brings with her to treat the homeless. Sanden Totten/KPCC

Dr. Sophia Momand feels compelled to help the homeless. The family practitioner is staff physician at Cal State Dominguez Hills' Student Health and Psychological Services. For a number of years she has been holding a monthly clinic on Los Angeles' Skid Row. We caught up with her recently doing the same thing at Long Beach's First Congregational Church.

"I took over my husband’s fishing tackle boxes...and bring medication, whatever I think I can help them with, creams, anti-fungal meds," she says.

"Being homesless is painful. I’m just there to put a Band-Aid on them, but also to give them some encouragement," says Momand. "I really feel good doing that."

Momand says she became a doctor because she enjoys helping people, "but it’s also part of my faith. I happen to be a Muslim, and part of our religion is that you have to be active helping humanity. For me it’s pretty easy, so it’s not like I’m giving up a whole lot of time, but whatever little I can help has really made a difference in their lives."

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