Fresh Air for Monday, December 16, 2013

"I can't imagine anyone whom I'm less like than T.E. Lawrence," O'Toole told Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 1993. The handsome actor — who made his name in the 1962 epic film Lawrence of Arabia — died Saturday at the age of 81.

Holiday Music To Bring Folks Together

This Thanksgiving there were a lot of articles online about arming yourself with good information before arguing politics at seasonal dinners. With so much contention in the air, maybe music can help bring folks with opposing views together.

Fresh Air Remembers Jazz Pianist Jimmy Amadie

With a career derailed due to severe hand problems, Amadie found a way to play the music he loved.

A Former Girl-Group Singer Goes 'All Or Nothing'

With new songs and covers, La La Brooks' All or Nothing isn't just an attempted career comeback.
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