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Leonard Cohen

At the age of 82 Leonard Cohen has a new album entitled 'You Want It Darker.' He spoke to Terry Gross in 2006. John Powers reviews the new Netflix documentary 'The 13th.'

'Black Mirror' Creator Dramatizes Our Nightmares About Technology

The 3rd season of the dystopian series created by Charlie Brooker is soon available on Netflix. Inspired by shows like 'The Twilight Zone,' it's about the unintended consequences of the digital age. Also, TV critic David Bianculli reviews the 'Rocky Horror' remake starring Laverne Cox, and 'Black Mirror.'

Kidnapped And Forced Into The Sideshow: The Muse Brothers' Story

Journalist Beth Macy talks about George and Willie Muse, black albino brothers who were born in the Jim Crow South, kidnapped, and forced to become circus freaks. Her new book, 'Truevine,' tells their story. Maureen Corrigan reviews 'Upstream,' a book of essays by Mary Oliver. Milo Miles reviews a new album of gospel singer Mahalia Jackson's never-released tracks from the 1940s and '50s.

How Free Web Content Traps Us In An Abyss Of Ads & Clickbait

Author and law professor Tim Wu says much of the "free" content on the web comes at a price to users, who are subjected to ads that are targeted specifically at them and increasingly hard to ignore. His new book is 'The Attention Merchants.' Also, jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Wadada Leo Smith's album 'America's National Parks.'

Best Of: Gaby Hoffmann / Jonathan Safran Foer

Gaby Hoffmann grew up in the Chelsea Hotel with her mother, an actress in Andy Warhol's Factory. She appeared in 'Field of Dreams' and other films as child, but says she saw acting as "a means to an end." Hoffmann now stars in the Amazon series 'Transparent.' Ken Tucker reviews Lucy Dacus' debut album, 'No Burden.' Safran Foer's new novel, 'Here I Am,' is told from the points of view of different members of a Jewish family. He says it's about things falling apart — but also about "people trying to mend things." His previous book was 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.'