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Remembering 'Mary Tyler Moore' Producer Grant Tinker

Tinker was a former NBC chairman and oversaw shows like 'Cheers,' 'Hill Street Blues,' and 'St. Elsewhere.' He also founded MTM Enterprises with his then wife, Mary Tyler Moore, and produced her hit show. Tinker died last month. We remember him with his 1994 interview and a 1995 interview with Moore. Ken Tucker reviews Allyson Seconds' album 'Little World.' Also, film critic David Edelstein reviews 'La La Land.'

NYT Exec. Editor On The New Terrain Of Covering Trump

Dean Baquet talks about covering tweets as news, his decision to use the word "lie" in a headline about Trump and why he's not worried about libel suits from the president-elect. Book critic Maureen Corrigan shares her top 10 books of 2016.

Megyn Kelly Of Fox News

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly talks about "PC culture,"coming forward about CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassing her, and how Trump's election has empowered white nationalists. Her new memoir is 'Settle For More.'

Dwight Yoakam / Author Maria Semple

Country music star Dwight Yoakam talks about his grandfather's work in the coal mines and plays songs from his latest album, 'Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars.' Also, producer Sam Briger speaks to author Maria Semple about her comic novel 'Today Will Be Different,' about a stressed-out wife and mother who starts every day with a mantra. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a recording of Dizzy Gillespie's 1980 "concert of the century" in Montreal.

Transgender Activists Nicole Maines & Kylar Broadus

Nicole Maines was born an identical twin, but unlike her twin brother, never identified as male. She became prominent in the trans community after winning a discrimination lawsuit. Kylar Broadus directed The Transgender Civil Rights Project and was the first openly transgender person to testify before the U.S. Senate. They're both featured in the HBO documentary, 'The Trans List.' Ken Tucker reviews Miranda Lambert's new album, 'The Weight of These Wings.'

Best Of: Carrie Fisher / LGBTQ Activist Cleve Jones

Carrie Fisher was an insecure 19-year-old when she appeared as Princess Leia in the first 'Star Wars' movie, a role that would come to define her career. She tells Terry Gross that despite becoming romantically involved with her older, married co-star, Harrison Ford, she often felt isolated on set. Fisher has a new memoir called 'The Princess Diarist.' Cleve Jones became an activist after Harvey Milk's assassination, and he lost countless friends to the AIDS epidemic. He conceived the AIDS Memorial Quilt in 1985. His memoir is 'When We Rise.'