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Letterman's Executive Producer Rob Burnett

Rob Burnett, the executive producer of 'The Late Show,' started working with David Letterman as an intern in 1985. He talks with Terry Gross about the absurd and somber moments of his 29-year tenure.

Marc Maron Interviews Terry Gross

The 'WTF' host asks the 'Fresh Air' host about her childhood, her start in radio and her record-strewn apartment. Gross says Maron's "no bulls***" style made her feel comfortable opening up.

Reporter's Discovery Of Untested Rape Kits Leads To New Law

While researching sexual assaults for Cleveland's 'The Plain Dealer,' reporter Rachel Dissell unearthed a backlog of untested rape kits dating back to 1993. Ohio has since mandated the testing of these kits. Actress Elizabeth Banks talks about her directorial debut with 'Pitch Perfect 2' and growing up as a musical theater nerd.

Robots Are Coming For Your Job

The machines have long been used in manufacturing, but Martin Ford, author of 'Rise of the Robots,' says they're now poised to replace humans as teachers, lawyers and even journalists. Kevin Whitehead reviews 'Take Off,' a new album from Cuban Jazz trio Ramon Valle. David Bianculli reviews the series finale of 'Mad Men.'

Best Of: Tom Brokaw & The Future of Space Travel

Former NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw says his multiple myeloma diagnosis two years ago made him "more conscious of the fact that the days are more numbered." His new memoir is 'A Lucky Life Interrupted.' Fresh Air film critic Justin Chang reviews 'Good Kill' starring Ethan Hawke and January Jones. Astronomer Chris Impey discusses the future of space travel, sex in space and the connection between science and Buddhism.

B.B. King

Fresh Air remembers legendary blues guitarist B.B. King who died Thursday at 89. "I developed in my head that I'm never any better than my last concert or the last time I played." Terry Gross spoke to him in 1996. David Edelstein reviews 'Mad Max.'