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The Making Of An American Demagogue: Jim Jones

In 1978, more than 900 followers of the Rev. Jim Jones committed mass suicide in Guyana by drinking cyanide-laced Flavor Aid. Journalist Jeff Guinn details how Jones captivated his followers in his new book, 'The Road to Jonestown.'

How American Health Care Became 'Big Business'

Why are medical bills so hard to read? How is the consolidation of hospitals affecting the price of care? Why is it that more competition in the pharmaceutical industry drives prices up rather than down? Journalist (and former physician) Elisabeth Rosenthal investigates the dysfunction of the American health care system in her new book 'An American Sickness.' Also, TV critic David Bianculli reviews the new season of AMC's 'Better Call Saul.'

Best Of: Alec Baldwin / Trans Punk Rocker Laura Jane Grace

Alec Baldwin talks about his impression of Trump on 'SNL,' growing up watching old films with his dad, and a regret he has about his early career. Ken Tucker reviews a new album from Tennessee singer-songwriter Valerie June. Laura Jane Grace, the founder of the punk band Against Me!, felt so conflicted about gender growing up that she thought she was schizophrenic. Grace transitioned in 2012, and speaks with Terry Gross about how her music and life have changed since then.

Remembering Comic Don Rickles

We listen back to two interviews with the great insult comic. He died yesterday at the age of 90. Rickles spoke with 'Fresh Air' in 2007 and 2008. Also, film critic David Edelstein reviews 'Colossal,' starring Anne Hathaway.

How A War With Russia Could Start By Accident

David Wood of 'The Huffington Post' says Russian jets are playing "chicken" with U.S. planes in international airspace with alarming frequency, and that a rash response could lead to all-out war. John Powers reviews 'Tell Me How It Ends' by Valeria Luiselli.

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin says his 'SNL' impression of the president is purposefully exaggerated. "There's a kind of volume to it," he says. "It's kind of the Macy's Day Parade [version] of Trump." He talks about the ups and downs of his career, aging in Hollywood, and his favorite movies growing up. Kevin Whitehead reviews Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah's album 'Ruler Rebel,' a mix of jazz and hip-hop.