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BONUS: Terry Gross Introduces 'The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified'

'The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified' is a new family-friendly podcast about an intrepid reporter (and radio host!) who foils devious plots and matches wits with cunning villains. It was created by Fresh Air producer John Sheehan. Find it at:

The 'Rise Of The Judicial Right' and 'Eleanor Amplified'

Warren Burger served as chief justice of the Supreme Court from 1969 until 1986. Linda Greenhouse, author of 'The Burger Court,' says those years helped establish the court's conservative legal foundation. Fresh Air producer John Sheehan talks about creating "The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified," a new adventure podcast for kids featuring an intrepid radio reporter who foils plots and outwits crafty villains.

From 'Cold Warrior' To 'Liberal Icon,' The Story Of Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy's political transformation is the focus of a new biography by journalist Larry Tye. Kennedy began his career as an assistant counsel on Senator Joe McCarthy's sub-committee investigating communists. When Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, he was the liberal hopeful in the Democratic presidential primary. Larry Tye was given access to 58 boxes of private Kennedy papers, and interviewed 400 people, including Robert Kennedy's widow, Ethel Kennedy.

A Tribute To Composer Eubie Blake

Blake's songs are back on Broadway, in the adaptation of his 1921 show 'Shuffle Along.' It was an influential musical that was written and produced by African Americans and had an all African American cast. Our tribute features live performances of his songs and interviews with singer Vernel Bagneris, pianist Dick Hyman, theater historian Robert Kimball and historian David Levering Lewis. Originally broadcast in 1998.

Best Of: Broadway Singer Barbara Cook / 'Captain Fantastic' Dir. Matt Ross

After starring in Broadway shows like 'The Music Man' and 'Candide,' Cook struggled with addiction, then staged a successful second career as a cabaret singer. Her new memoir is 'Then and Now.' Commentator Mat Johnson reads his essay about the vanishing middle class. Matt Ross discusses his new film, 'Captain Fantastic,' which he wrote and directed, is about a father living with his six children in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Dir. Matt Ross On 'Captain Fantastic' / Elvis' Guitarist Scotty Moore

Matt Ross' new film, 'Captain Fantastic,' which he wrote and directed, is about a father living with his six children in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. "The movie is about choices we make, especially as parents," he says. Also, we remember Scotty Moore, Elvis Presley's first guitarist and manager. He spoke to Terry Gross in 1997. Finally, Ken Tucker reviews Maren Morris' new album, 'Hero.'