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Writer Richard Ford

The Pulitzer Prize-winning writer's most recent book, 'Let Me Be Frank With You,' centers on a 68-year-old man dealing with his aging body, a dying friend and his ex-wife, who has Parkinson's. [Originally broadcast Nov. 12, 2014.] Film critic David Edelstein reviews 'Our Brand is Crisis.'

Film Shines A 'Spotlight' On Boston's Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

A new movie chronicles the team of journalists who uncovered the clergy sex abuse scandal in Boston. Director Tom McCarthy and former Boston Globe editor Walter Robinson join Fresh Air to discuss 'Spotlight.' Ken Tucker considers three songs by three artists: Elvis Costello, Lana Del Rey, and Eleanor Friedberger.

Cancer Treatment Pioneer Dr. Vincent DeVita

During his decades-long career, oncologist Vincent DeVita helped develop the combination chemotherapy regimen that cures most cases of Hodgkin's lymphoma. His new book is 'The Death of Cancer.' TV critic David Bianculli details four recent DVD box sets, and book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews 'The Witches.'

Carrie Brownstein

The Sleater-Kinney guitarist and singer is known for her defiant performances, but it was vulnerability that initially drew her to music. Brownstein's new memoir is 'Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.' Rock historian Ed Ward shares tracks from the doo-wop scene in San Antonio, Texas.

Gloria Steinem

The feminist icon says at 81 she is free of the "demands of gender" that she faced from adolescence onward. Her new memoir is 'My Life on the Road.' TV critic David Bianculli reviews 'Supergirl.'

Best Of: Sarah Silverman / 'Bridge of Spies/ 'The Living Bird'

Throughout her life, comedian Sarah Silverman has experienced varying degrees of depression, which she likens to a "chemical change." She plays a profoundly depressed woman in the film, 'I Smile Back.' Critic at-large John Powers reviews 'Bridge of Spies.' Wildlife photographer Gerrit Vyn and essayist Scott Weidensaul share bird calls and discuss some of the remarkable abilities of birds. Both guests contributed to a new book about North American birds.