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Best Of: 'O.J.: Made In America' / 'Sweetbitter' Author Stephanie Danler

Director Ezra Edelman and legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discuss the 5-part ESPN documentary series about the O.J. Simpson case and L.A.'s history of racial tension. Ken Tucker reviews singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy's album 'Emotions and Math.' Former restaurant worker Stephanie Danler drew on her experience in the industry for her debut novel, 'Sweetbitter,' about a naïve 22-year old who goes to NYC and gets a job at an upscale restaurant.

Silence On The Sidelines: An MLB Insider's 'Manifesto' On Youth Sports

MLB's Mike Matheny talks about his playing career, managing in the big leagues and the pressures of youth sports. His book, 'The Matheny Manifesto' is out in paperback. Film critic David Edelstein reviews the Pixar sequel to 'Finding Nemo,' 'Finding Dory,' and we hear an excerpt of a 1996 interview with producer Nick Venet, who recalls the story behind Bobby Darin's hit 'Beyond the Sea.' A version of the song plays in 'Finding Dory.'

Novelist Draws On Her Years In The Restaurant Industry In 'Sweetbitter'

Stephanie Danler's debut novel is about a naïve 22 year old woman who comes to New York City and gets a job in an upscale restaurant. Ken Tucker reviews 'Emotions and Math' from singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy. John Powers reviews 'The Witness,' a documentary about the 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese.

Congressional Gerrymandering & 'Operation REDMAP'

'Ratf**ked' author David Daley says Republicans targeted key state legislative races in 2010 in an effort to control state houses, and, eventually, congressional redistricting. "It's like Moneyball applied to politics," Daley says. Also, book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews Susan Faludi's new memoir 'In the Darkroom,' and jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Matt Wilson's 'Big Happy Family.'

The 'Perfect Perversity' Of The O.J. Simpson Case

"He was acquitted of the crime he was guilty of and convicted of a crime he's innocent of," says legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin. He and director Ezra Edelman discuss 'O.J.: Made in America.'

Surviving A Transcendent Childhood

Journalist Claire Hoffman grew up in a Utopian community in Fairfield, Iowa. At first, she says, "it was entirely magical." Then doubt crept in. Hoffman's memoir is 'Greetings from Utopia Park.' TV critic David Bianculli reviews the new series 'BrainDead,' from the creators of 'The Good Wife.'