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Adam Driver

Actor Adam Driver of 'Girls' now stars in Noah Baumbach's new film, 'While We're Young.' He talks about leaving the Marines for Julliard, doing sex scenes in 'Girls,' and why he'll never watch his own performances. Ken Tucker reviews Kendrick Lamar's newest album, 'To Pimp a Butterfly.'

Bed Bugs & Cartoonist Lucy Knisley

Brooke Borel tells us about the creepy, crawly world of bed bugs and how they have infiltrated our homes. Her new book is called 'Infested.' Also cartoonist Lucy Knisley discusses her new travelogue 'Displacement.' David Bianculli reviews 'The Comedians' and the new season of 'Louie.'

The Tsarnaev Brothers' Story & A Tribute To Billie Holiday

Journalist Masha Gessen's new book 'The Brothers' is about Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the brothers behind the Boston Marathon bombing. She shares her reportage from Dzhokhar's trial as well as her travels to Dagestan, where she learned more about the Tsarnaevs' background. Also, April 7 marks the hundredth birthday of singer Billie Holiday, born in Philadelphia. Our jazz critic Kevin Whitehead has some thoughts on Holiday's changing style, her influences, and singers she influenced.

Composer Philip Glass

For the composer, life is how the past and the future connect. Philip Glass' new memoir, 'Words Without Music,' looks back on his childhood, travels through Asia and when his music provoked violence.

Best Of: 'Cucumber' Creator & Cartoonist 'BEK'

Russell T. Davies, creator of the BBC series 'Queer As Folk,' talks about his new series 'Cucumber' and 'Banana.' Rock historian Ed Ward tells the story of Captain Beefheart and New Yorker cartoonist and 'Girls' producer Bruce Eric Kaplan (aka BEK) discusses his new illustrated memoir 'I Was A Child.'

Hilary Mantel On 'Wolf Hall'

Hilary Mantel is the first woman to win the Man Booker Prize twice, first for her 2009 novel, 'Wolf Hall,' and also for its 2012 sequel, 'Bring Up the Bodies.' She spoke to Terry Gross in 2012. 'Wolf Hall' is now a PBS Masterpiece costume drama airing Sunday April 5th. John Powers, our critic at large, reviews the new TV production.