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Novelist Colson Whitehead / Rep. John Lewis

As a child, Colson Whitehead imagined the Underground Railroad to be a subway beneath the earth that escaped slaves could ride to freedom. He returns to his childhood vision in his novel, 'Underground Railroad,' which won the National Book Award. Congressman John Lewis recalls marching for voting rights from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965, when he was beaten by police. He spoke to Terry Gross in 2009. Film critic David Edelstein reviews 'Manchester by the Sea.'

Steve Bannon's Rise / Casey Affleck

'Bloomberg' journalist Joshua Green discusses Steve Bannon's work for the alt-right website Breitbart News. Trump's chief strategist, Green says, was "one of the major figures" in Clinton's defeat. Also, Casey Affleck talks about his new film 'Manchester by the Sea,' his childhood, and getting cast in 'Gone Baby Gone,' by his brother Ben.

Francis Ford Coppola On 'The Godfather'

Coppola was 29 when he signed on to direct a film based on Mario Puzo's novel about an Italian-American crime family. "I was always just trying to bluff the studio to let me do it my way," he says.

How Trump Could 'Undermine' Obama's Presidency

'New Yorker' writer Evan Osnos talks about the executive orders and other actions that Trump can use to undo existing agreements on climate change, immigration and foreign policy.

Anna Kendrick

The 'Pitch Perfect' star talks about being small with a powerful voice, her break-out role in 'Up in the Air,' and why church scared her as a kid. Her new book of personal essays is 'Scrappy Little Nobody.' Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the album 'Mid-Thirties Single Scene' from Scott and Charlene's Wedding.

Best Of: Issa Rae / 'Westworld' Creators

In the HBO series 'Insecure,' Issa Rae's character feels like she's "not black enough for the black people and not white enough for the white people." John Powers reviews the film 'Certain Women.' Also, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy offer a pessimistic view of human nature in 'Westworld,' HBO's futuristic TV series about a theme park that allows tourists to act out their Wild West fantasies.