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'Veep' Showrunner / Remembering Garry Marshall

David Mandel, the Emmy-nominated writer, director and executive producer of the HBO series 'Veep,' talks about this past season, working with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and the 2016 election. Then we remember Garry Marshall, the man behind 'Happy Days' and 'Laverne & Shirley,' and countless other TV shows and films. Marshall spoke to Fresh Air in 1991. He died yesterday at 81.

Comic Mike Birbiglia

Birbiglia wrote, directed and co-stars in the new film, 'Don't Think Twice.' It's about an improv comedy group, and what happens when one member gets a job on a popular TV sketch comedy show, and how the group splinters. Also, Lloyd Schwartz discusses the exhibit at the Met Breuer Museum, 'Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible.'

Novelist Explores The Comedy & Despair Of Caring For Aging Parents

Author Cathleen Schine says that living far away from an elderly parent can create feelings of guilt as well as those of relief. Her darkly comic novel is 'They May Not Mean To, But They Do.' John Powers reviews 'Zero Days,' a chilling new documentary by Alex Gibney. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Dan Cray's new album 'Outside In.'

Best Of: Actor Christopher Eccleston / Comedy Writer Jessi Klein

Christopher Eccleston, who co-starred in 'The Leftovers' on HBO, plays a grandfather who struggles to relate to his autistic grandson on the BBC drama series 'The A Word.' The actor talks about Brexit, faith, and his father's dementia. Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews 'Underground Airlines.' Also, comedy writer Jessi Klein ('Inside Amy Schumer') talks about competition among women, what she calls the "thong industrial complex," and having to pump breast milk at the Emmys. Her new book of essays is 'You'll Grow Out Of It.'

Swimming With Sharks & What 'Jaws' Got Wrong

Marine ecologist Dr. Neil Hammerschlag has looked inside the mouth of a wild tiger shark and lived to tell the tale. He says that sharks pose only a small risk to people: "Humans are not on the shark's menu." Also, opera percussionist Patti Niemi talks about her journey from Juilliard to the orchestra pit, and her struggles with anxiety and OCD.

'The War At Home': Life As A Military Spouse

Rachel Starnes, writer and wife of a Navy pilot, talks about the impact of her husband's long and frequent absences, and how her marriage compares to the feminist ideal she had envisioned. Her memoir is, 'The War At Home: A Wife's Search for Peace (and Other Missions Impossible).' Maureen Corrigan reviews short story collection, 'The Dream Life of Astronauts.'