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Actor David Oyelowo

The British-born Nigerian actor talks about playing an American veteran in 'Nightingale,' the reasons he stays in character for weeks at a time and his aversion to playing "the black best friend."

Best And Worst Of Cannes / Maria Bello

Critic John Powers returns from the Cannes Film Festival to talk about this year's new international films. Top among his picks is 'The Assassin,' a martial arts film by director Hou Hsiao-Hsien. In her memoir 'Whatever ... Love is Love,' Bello describes the evolution of her "modern family," which includes her romantic partner (a woman), her adolescent son and her son's father.

Life, Death & Brain Surgery

In his memoir 'Do No Harm,' Henry Marsh confesses to the uncertainties he's dealt with as a surgeon, revisits his triumphs and failures and reflects on the enigmas of the brain and consciousness. Lloyd Schwartz has an appreciation of the 'Decca Sound.'

Composer Philip Glass

For Philip Glass, life is how the past and the future connect. Glass' memoir, 'Words Without Music,' looks back on his childhood, travels and music. Originally broadcast April 6, 2015.

Best Of: Marc Maron Interviews Terry Gross / Letterman's Executive Producer

The WTF host asks the Fresh Air host about her childhood, her start in radio and her record-strewn apartment. Gross says Maron's "no bulls***" style made her feel comfortable opening up. Rob Burnett started working with David Letterman as an intern in 1985. He talks with Terry Gross about the absurd and somber moments of his three-decade tenure with the 'Late Show.'