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From Medical Maggots To Stench Soup: The Science Of Warfare

Science writer Mary Roach explores the curious science of humans at war in her new book, 'Grunt.' She talks about traveler's diarrhea, medical maggots, and stink bombs, and new scientific developments that help keep soldiers safe. Also, we hear an excerpt of our 1980 interview with G. Gordon Liddy, and jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews 'Cuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny.'

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson Live Onstage

Questlove, the drummer and leader of The Tonight Show's house band The Roots, says he's obsessed with the creative process. His new book, 'somethingtofoodabout', is a collection of his interviews with chefs about how art and creativity apply to their preparation and presentation of food. Speaking with Terry Gross in front of an audience in Philadelphia, he talks about Prince, his late father Lee Andrews, and the food equivalent of the 'Mona Lisa.'

Best Of: Marc Maron / Rabbi Susan Silverman / "I Feel Like"

In season four of the IFC show 'Maron,' the comic (playing a fictionalized version of himself) relapses with painkillers, and ends up losing his podcast, his cats, and his home. Marc Maron talks about his own experience in rehab, his confessional comedy, and how to reconcile his anxious persona with his current success. Also, linguist Geoff Nunberg discusses the usage of "I feel like." Rabbi Susan Silverman is a mother of five children (two of whom were adopted from Ethiopia) and the older sister of the irreverent comic Sarah Silverman. She talks about how she became a rabbi after growing up in a secular family, her separation anxiety, and her relationship with her sister.

Comic Maria Bamford

The star of the new Netflix series 'Lady Dynamite' has used comedy to address her struggles with OCD, bipolar disorder, and suicidal thoughts. She spoke to Terry Gross in 2013. Film critic David Edelstein reviews the documentary 'Weiner,' about former congressman Anthony Weiner's 2013 political scandal.

An Unflinching Look At The Human Cost Of American Wars

J. Kael Weston, former State Department adviser for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, talks about why he feels personally responsible for the deaths of 30 marines and one navy corpsman. "There's a memorial in South Boston that says, 'If you forget my death only then will I have died in vain,' and I think that's the cleanest , most powerful message that should apply to every war," Weston says. Book critic Maureen Corrigan shares her favorite suspense novels of the summer.