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Jeffrey Tambor On 'Transparent'

The actor plays a 70-something transgender woman on the Amazon series 'Transparent.' It's a role he loves. As Maura, Tambor says, "I find myself much more vulnerable and I find myself less protective." Also Fresh Air remembers Islamic feminist Fatema Mernissi in an excerpt of her 1993 interview.

The U.S. Has A Mass Shooting Epidemic, But No Government Database On Gun Violence

In 2012, journalist Mark Follman searched for comprehensive data about America's mass shootings and found that very little existed. So he and his colleagues began compiling a database of their own. Also, Fresh Air remembers Holly Woodlawn, muse to Lou Reed, who died Sunday. She spoke to Terry Gross in 1991.

Poet R. Dwayne Betts

After being convicted of carjacking as a teenager, Reginald Dwayne Betts spent eight years in an adult prison. Since his release, he has become a poet and a Yale law student. His new collection of poetry is called 'Bastards of the Reagan Era.' Also, Fresh Air remembers 'Scarface' and 'Sopranos' actor Robert Loggia in an excerpt of his 1987 interview.

Writer Rick Moody On 'Hotels Of North America' / Book Critic's Best Of 2015

Rick Moody discusses his new novel, which is told solely in the form of online hotel reviews. The narrator of 'Hotels Of North America' is increasingly down on his luck — and may even be homeless. Maureen Corrigan shares her list of best books of 2015. Kevin Whitehead reviews Matthew Shipp's 'Conduct of Jazz.'

Best Of: Creators Of HBO's 'The Leftovers' / Broadway Composer John Kander

Damon Lindelof, the co-creator of HBO's 'The Leftovers,' says he is drawn to "real-world stories where the supernatural can and often does occur." He and author Tom Perrotta discuss the series. Ken Tucker reviews Adele's '25.' John Kander, of the songwriting team Kander and Ebb, plays demos of his early work. They wrote the music for shows like 'Chicago,' 'Cabaret,' and the Scorsese film 'New York, New York.'

New Yorker Cartoonist Bob Mankoff

Humor is both a creative and a cognitive process, says Bob Mankoff, who has contributed cartoons to The New Yorker since 1977. HBO's documentary about New Yorker cartoonists 'Very Semi-Serious' airs December 14. [Originally broadcast March 2014] David Edelstein reviews 'Chi-Raq,' directed by Spike Lee.