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Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber On 'Finding God In All The Wrong People'

Nadia Bolz-Weber was a stand-up-comic with a drinking problem who opened up a church for people who didn't belong. "My job is to ... remind people that they're absolutely loved," she says. Her new memoir is 'Accidental Saints.' Ken Tucker reviews Grace Potter's new album, 'Midnight.'

How Pope Francis Is 'Changing The Tone' Of The Church

On the eve of the Pope's first visit to the U.S., journalist Paul Vallely discuses the reforms Francis is making within the Church as well as the teachings that the pope is unlikely to change. TV critic David Bianculli reviews the premiere of Neil Patrick Harris' variety show 'Best Time Ever.'

Mary Karr On 'The Art Of Memoir'

Mary Karr discusses the faults of memory, the challenges of writing about loved ones and the pain of deleting 1,200 pages because "there was something untrue about them." Her new book is 'The Art of Memoir.'

An American-Born Al-Qaida Recruiter's Influence 4 Years After Death

In 'Operation Troy', author Scott Shane details the life, death and influence of Anwar al-Awlaki. "His status as a martyr has given his message even greater authority," Shane says of the propagandist. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews 'Canada Day IV.'

Best Of: Trump's White Nationalist Support // Alison Brie

'New Yorker' staff writer Evan Osnos discusses his article about Trump's white nationalist support. Sportswriter Lonnie Wheeler talks about his new book 'Intangiball.' It's about the intangible ways baseball players help their teams win. Alison Brie played Pete Campbell's wife Trudy in 'Mad Men.' In 'Community,' she played Annie Edison. Brie now stars alongside Jason Sudeikis in the new movie 'Sleeping with Other People.'

The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle

Songwriter John Darnielle talks about his difficult childhood, finding refuge in music, and his novel, 'Wolf in White Van.' [Originally broadcast September 2014] Film critic David Edelstein reviews 'Sleeping With Other People,' starring Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis.