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Jon Stewart

In honor of Jon Stewart's final night as host of 'The Daily Show,' we play excerpts of Stewart's Fresh Air interviews from 2000, 2010 and 2014. In his most recent interview, Stewart contemplates the end of his hosting run: "I don't know that there will ever be anything that I will ever be as well-suited for as this show," he said. We'll also hear from Ben Karlin, former Executive Producer of 'The Daily Show.'

Why It Took Years To Arrest A Former NFL Star For Sexual Assault

Former NFL player Darren Sharper pleaded guilty to rape charges involving nine women in four states. ProPublica reporter T. Christian Miller says local police weren't sharing information. Kevin Whitehead reviews jazz trombonist Ku-umba Frank Lacy's album dedicated to Charles Mingus.

The 'Wild And Haunting' World Of Dolphins

In her new book, 'Voices in the Ocean,' Susan Casey describes the life of dolphins and details some new threats the animals face, such as organized dolphin kills and man-made sounds in the ocean. Ken Tucker reviews Daniel Romano's new album and Maureen Corrigan reviews noir novel 'Dragonfish.'

'Friday Night Lights' Turns 25

Twenty-five years ago, Buzz Bissinger wrote about the big-time stakes of small-town high-school football in 'Friday Night Lights.' Now he talks about the impact the book had on the players and himself.

Best Of: Bobcat Goldthwait & Barry Crimmins / Hollywood Animal Trainer

Barry Crimmins mentored Bobcat Goldthwait when they were up-and-coming comics in the 80's. 'Call Me Lucky,' directed by Goldthwait, details their relationship – and the sexual abuse Crimmins suffered as a child. Animal trainer Teresa Ann Miller is used to working with furry performers, but she says the Hungarian film 'White God' was especially challenging. 'This wasn't necessarily a film with an animal in it,' Miller tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. 'It was a dog leading the film and telling the story.'

Key & Peele / Jon Stewart in 2004

Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele from the Comedy Central sketch comedy series 'Key & Peele' which will air its final episode in September. Also an archived interview with Jon Stewart of The Daily show. Stewart ends his run as The Daily Show's host next week.