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Actor Mahershala Ali

The Oscar-nominated actor talks about 'Moonlight,' converting to Islam, and why he didn't feel understood as a kid. Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews the novella 'Ghachar Ghochar.'

Climate Change And The Trump Presidency

'ProPublica' journalist Andrew Revkin talks about President Trump's possible cuts to the EPA, as well as the potential impact of pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews Tift Merritt's album 'Stitch of the World.' Also, we remember heroic Vietnam War commander Lt. General Harold Moore who died last week. Critic at-large John Powers reviews 'Kedi,' a documentary about the street cats of Istanbul.

James Baldwin / 'I Am Not Your Negro'

Filmmaker Raoul Peck's Oscar-nominated documentary 'I Am Not Your Negro' features the work of late writer and social critic James Baldwin. "Baldwin was one of the first authors ever where I felt not only at home, but he was speaking directly to me," says Peck. We'll also listen back to a 1986 interview that Terry Gross recorded with James Baldwin.

How Retailers Are Watching Us

Consumers have grown accustomed to the idea of online retailers collecting information about them, but author Joseph Turow says now brick-and-mortar stores are doing it too. His book is 'The Aisles Have Eyes.' Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a new Count Basie sampler album, and writer Sarah Hepola shares her complicated feelings about Valentine's Day.

Best Of: 'Tower' Director / Writer Bharati Mukherjee

The new documentary film 'Tower' tells the story of the 1966 University of Texas shooting that killed more than a dozen people. Director Keith Maitland says the incident was largely pushed aside for years. Maureen Corrigan reviews George Saunders' first novel 'Lincoln in the Bardo.' Also, we remember writer Bharati Mukherjee who died last month. She spoke with Terry Gross in 2002.

Jeff Bridges

Bridges talks about the lessons he learned from his father, actor Lloyd Bridges, the cult of 'Big Lebowski' fans, and how he calms his nerves. Bridges is nominated for an Oscar for his role in 'Hell or High Water.' TV critic David Bianculli shares an appreciation of the 1960s duo The Smothers Brothers, and John Powers reviews the Criterion reissue of 'Black Girl,' by Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène.