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Inside Private Prisons: Crowding, Under-Staffing, And Inmate Deaths

Seth Freed Wessler reported on the substandard medical care in privately-run prisons in the federal corrections system for 'The Nation.' His work may have led the Justice Department to phase out private prisons. Also, jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews two reissues from saxophonist Teddy Edwards.

'Office' Actor John Krasinski

Krasinski says he's thankful for his big break "every single day." Three years after the wrap of 'The Office,' he continues to branch out — he's now directing and co-starring in the film 'The Hollars.' Also, Milo Miles shares an appreciation of African bandleader E.T. Mensah.

Trump Revealed: The Man Behind The 'In-Your-Face Provocateur'

'Washington Post' reporters Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher talk about Donald Trump's upbringing, business dealings, and philosophy, "When you're hit, hit back ten times harder." Their new book is 'Trump Revealed.' Ken Tucker reviews 'Real' from singer-songwriter Lydia Loveless.

Our Aging And Unstable Electrical Grid

In her new book, 'The Grid,' Gretchen Bakke argues that the under-funded power grid is incapable of taking the U.S. into a new energy future. Bakke says, "We can make a lot more electricity than we can use, and we can make more electricity than the grid can carry, but the grid is the weakest link." Also, classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews 'Let Me Tell You,' by Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen in collaboration with soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan.

Best Of: Julie Klausner Of 'Difficult People' / The 'Microbes Within Us'

Julie Klausner plays an unsuccessful comic who quips about celebrities in her Hulu series, 'Difficult People.' She says that she and her co-star Billy Eichner bonded over their shared love of show business and pop culture. John Powers reviews 'War Dogs,' a new comedy about the business of war. Science writer Ed Yong says billions of microbes that live on and within our bodies affect digestion, immunity, body weight and general health. His new book is 'I Contain Multitudes.'

'Disgruntled' Novelist Drew From Her Own Childhood

Asali Solomon's novel 'Disgruntled' is about a girl growing up in West Philadelphia whose parents were black nationalists. "My parents taught us to revere Africa — people at school made fun of Africa," she says. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead shares a batch of previously unknown Charlie Parker performances. John Powers reviews the new satirical film 'War Dogs' starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill.