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Latino USA chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America, with in-depth reporting and candid conversations.

Recent Episodes

#1410 - Larger Than Life

This week, Latino USA is larger than life! We start with a special two-part interview with actress Rita Moreno. Also, the life of one farmworker, now 83, who fought for her rights alongside labor leader César Chávez. We look at the legacy of Hugo Chávez, who died a year ago, and catch up on Venezuela’s  current protests. The band La Santa Cecilia stands up for an undocumented bandmate. And we hear some sabiduría from “The Voice of God.”

#1409 - Queer

This week on Latino USA, we talk about all things Queer—from Anthony Romero, the first gay director of the ACLU, to the practice of “pumping,” or black market silicone injections, in the trans community. We hear two stories about growing up and transitioning genders. We learn about the plight of LGBTQ detained immigrants. We investigate the paranormal in Laredo, Texas. Maria Hinojosa gets a surfing lesson in New York, of all places. We hear from a gay man who ran for class president at UNC. And we check in on the protests in Venezuela.

#1408 - Work it!

Latinos have the higest rates of on-the-job injuries of any group of workers, across all industries, from construction to agriculture. From working with date palms to jobs as bounty hunters, business executives, and domestic workers, we hear all sorts of Latino perspectives of work. We’ll also take a look at the history of right-to-work states and what that history means for Latinos and unions. We hear about how Latinas are portrayed in business and what one stock photo company is doing to change that. Also, working up a new soccer team in Miami, and some words of wisdom from Cesar Chavez.

#1407 - Justify My Love

For our Valentine’s episode, Latino USA looks at love and sex. From those forced into sex trafficking and people who choose sex work out of economic need, to stories of love and immigration. We talk about Puerto Ricans in drag. And we hear about planning a cross-cultural wedding, as well as a love letter to a friend, just for being there.

#1406 - Control

This week, Latino USA examines the notion of control, who has it, and how we lose it. First, we hear from Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. Then, Pilar Marrero of La Opinión joins us to analyze the GOP’s immigration platform. We revisit the history of the IUD and ask teens about how they use condoms. We learn about Crisis Pregnancy Centers. We hear from D.C.’s Health and Human Services director, and discuss whether it’s even useful to call out racists on Twitter. And Maria Hinojosa reveals her own story of loss, decision, and empowerment.

#1405 - On Being Indigenous

This week, Latino USA examines the lives of indigenous people throughout the country. We hear about the Zapatista community, twenty years after their uprising in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. We hear about the self-defense campaign carried out by farmers in the Mexican state of Michoacán. April Salazar shares her essay on ancestry. Producer Michael Simon Johnson brings us a story about three indigenous languages, and we hear about efforts to reach a Mayan community in Omaha. The Latino USA team debates whether Justin Bieber is deportable. And we remember Nuyorican poet Tato Laviera.