Latino USA

Latino USA chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America, with in-depth reporting and candid conversations.

Recent Episodes

#1443 - Represent

We learn about Latinos in elections in California, Arizona, and Rhode Island (and their opponents), why Latinos turn out to vote at a low rate, and how one undocumented person is registering voters. We also hear from Cristela, the first Latina with her own primetime sitcom, and an illustrator tells us about the importance of kids seeing themselves in children’s books.


#1442 - Islands

We take you to literal and metaphorical islands, like an often ignored situation in the Dominican Republic that’s left thousands of people stateless. We also examine their sexual education system, which is tied to religion. In Cuba, organic farms are changing local economies. We visit Hawaii to learn how Latinos—the fastest-growing ethnic group in the state—fit in. A Latino moves to North Dakota, an island of economic development. Peace Corps volunteers learn to overcome cultural isolation. And a journalist visits Cuba and learns to forgive her father.




#1441 - The Fear Of

This week Latino USA examines fear, from facing it, to what we learn from it. We hear about people stopped by border patrol who cite the fifth amendment, a man deported to a home he never knew, and a fight for justice after a loved one is gunned down by cops. We learn about the Mexican folk saint some whites are worshipping, and counties where others are fleeing multiculturalism. Plus the story of a young man who sat in solitary confinement without a trial, a new movie inspired by the Day of the Dead, and why even a cloud as gloomy as cancer can have a silver lining.




#1440 - Service

What does it mean to serve? Or to lack services? Latino USA takes a look this week at the situation of two groups of vets: those in Puerto Rico and in Guam. We learn what lack of services means for Latino kids and how they’re diagnosed with Autism. A forensic scientist serves the families of dead migrants—by identifying their bodies. Honduran teen migrants in the Bronx bond over soccer while hoping for residency or citizenship. And we hear from past and future servicemembers, from Boriqueneers to a DACA recipient who intends to join the military.


#1439 - Language

We redefine some terms for you in our episode on language. We also hear about the “word gap,” why children born into poverty learn fewer words, and what’s being done to combat the gap. Spoken word artist Quique Aviles (KEE-kay ah-vee-LESS) takes us on a gentrification terminology tour. We dissect political doublespeak and talk about President Obama’s lack of immigration action.  We learn about dirty words in Spanish, and we learn how one composer speaks the language of music on TV shows.


#1438 - Allies

What is it to be a good ally? We ask black leaders from Miami, trying to prevent another situation like Ferguson. Former inmates return home to prevent violence. A rabbi and Latino food workers unite to ensure they’re well treated. Boston neighbors fight rising rents. We hear how the U.S. tries to create allies through texting programs in Cuba. Our white producers talk about working in a Latino newsroom. We revisit the Colorado floods, one year later. And one woman brings together two of the most important influences in her life: Mexican culture and…Star Trek.