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Latino USA chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America, with in-depth reporting and candid conversations.

Recent Episodes

#1550 - Limited Data

People often assume that technology will make our lives better, and much of the time, it does. But sometimes there are bumps along the road. We hear from a family separated by deportation that manages to stay connected via Skype. The second largest school district in the country tries out an ambitious plan to get technology in the classroom that catches the attention of the FBI. And an activist in Mexico uses technology to share and gather information but his online presence also makes him a target. We bring stories about technology's benefits, risks, and limitations.

#1549 - ¡Ay Vey! Being Jewish and Latino

Jews and Latinos are often discussed as different categories, but of course there are many Jewish communities across Latin America and some have made their way to the U.S. On this episode of Latino USA, we explore the history of Jewish migration throughout the Americas, hear personal stories of family and identity from Jewish Latinos themselves, and learn about struggle to preserve a fading Spanish-Jewish language known as Ladino.

#1548 - Family Values

For better or worse we are all influenced by the people who made us who we are...our families. This week we hear stories about family ties and what values bond us together. One family tries to break a Guinness World Record while another family is in the business of elk whispering, and one man describes the difficult choice to come out to his grandma.

#1547 - Reservations

The Yakama Nation in Eastern Washington is home to 11,000 Native Americans and almost three times as many Latinos. Over recent decades, the reservation's rich agricultural lands have attracted Mexican farmworkers and their families who made the valley their home. Despite shared indigenous roots and intermarriages, living side by side hasn't been easy, and tensions between the two groups are high. On this special collaboration with Northwest Public Radio, Latino USA dives deep into the dynamics of the reservation, exploring how two communities, living side by side, try to learn to get along.

#1546 - Enlisted

We explore Latinos in uniform. Latino USA explores the history of army marketing and recruiting of Latinos. We hear from current recruiters and anti-recruiters in classrooms, a former solider now Youtube beauty guru, and a self-medicating vet who smoked pot then faced deportation.

#1545 - America By The Numbers: What is the Latino Vote?

Pundits on television are always talking about the Latino Vote: are they going to decide the election? Are they definitely voting for a Democrat? Or could a Republican sway them? So here at Latino USA we wanted to figure out what is the Latino Vote anyway? We learn about the surprising president to first court hispanic voters, the representation gap, the power of Latino millennials, and hispandering – the often comical ways candidates try to engage Latino voters.