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Latino USA chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America, with in-depth reporting and candid conversations.

Recent Episodes

#1349 Let's Talk About Sex

In this week's show, we focus on how Latinas think about themselves as sexual beings, and the constraints on their decisions about sex and reproduction. We hear from one woman whose decision to end a pregnancy brings up memories of a history of control of women of color's fertility. We also examine how changes in funding of public health clinics in Texas have affected the choices of tens of thousands of women in the state. And we tell you the stories of some of the

#1348 - Adventure Time!

From the depths of Puerto Rico to the mountains of Colorado, we’re taking you along with us for a few adventures this week. Join a reporter for an adventure in the kitchen. Hear the profile of a man who just put out his first album—at 80 years old. Come along with host Maria Hinojosa as she trains for her first race. Learn about “Narco Cultura,” and the social impact of drug cartels in Mexico and the Southwest. And laugh along with Al Madrigal and Lalo Alcaraz.

#1347 - Labor

This week, Latino USA examines conditions for two categories of workers left out of many federal work protections: carnival workers and domestic workers. One group of carnival workers from the Mexican town of Tlapacoyan have brought a case against their employer for back wages and overtime. And domestic workers in California are now offered some protections under a new statewide Bill of Rights. We also get the organized labor perspective on immigration reform.

#1346 - Caged

This week, Latino USA focuses on literal and metaphorical cages, from education programs and art within prison walls to kidnapping in Mexico. We’ll hear how one former inmate helps people transition to life on the outside. Also: one performance artist’s take on being paralyzed, a Cuban blogger, and life in a boxcar settlement. All this, and fighting police harassment with Facebook.

#1345 - One for the Ladies

Today, we’re hearing from las mujeres—Barnard College president Debora Spar talks about having it all, we hear from three young reporters, discuss nude Louboutin shoes, body hair, and women in sports. Also, Latinas as a social and economic force, teaching dance, and your #LatinoProblems.

#1344 - Dia De Los Muertos

It's our special Day of the Dead episode, where we remember those who've passed away in the past year. Also: Latino goths and why they love Morrisey, hunting in New Mexico, rebirth through theater, Al Madrigal and Lalo Alcaraz on Halloween costumes, our favorite spooky films, and a discussion on whether immigration reform can be kept alive.