Latino USA

Latino USA chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America, with in-depth reporting and candid conversations.

Recent Episodes

#1414 - Fiction Edition

First week of April, first ever fiction edition at Latino USA! We dream big this week with a story about our motherland, Latinia. And speaking of new nations, we tune in to newscast about a new country for LGBTQ people. We take a shot at our first ever radionovela (no-VEH-lah) – or Latin American-style radio soap opera. We dream immigration reform passed, and celebrate April as “White History” month by reporting on the exotic non-Hispanic white peoples of the USA. On a more serious note, we discuss the #CancelColbert controversy and the limits of satire. Plus, an illustrated poem walks us through the feeling of the ‘male gaze’.

#1412 - Hurt

This week on Latino USA: what it means to be hurt. Jose Antonio Vargas tells Maria Hinojosa about the pain he’s suffered for taking a stand for the undocumented. We hear stories of loneliness at “bailarina bars” in Queens, NYC. We learn how Latin@s deal with eating disorders. We hear about the U-visa program, which helps victims of domestic violence. Spanish Harlem heals after a gas explosion displaces dozens. Latina moms discuss breastfeeding. We pay a visit to Laredo, Texas to check in with jalapeño eating champs. And some words of wisdom about healing through art therapy.


#1411 - Live From SXSW

This week on Latino USA we are back where it all began – Austin, Texas. We bring you a show recorded live at KUT’s Studio 1A where two Tejana sisters tell one crazy true story in two languages. We find out why being Latino can actually be an asset when it comes to a career in technology. We meet a DJ whose multicultural background makes him fearless about crossing genres. An old friend joins us to talk about the history of Latino USA and the role of Austin in it. And one of Austin’s most creative characters drops in to teach us about sound.


#1410 - Larger Than Life

This week, Latino USA is larger than life! We start with a special two-part interview with actress Rita Moreno. Also, the life of one farmworker, now 83, who fought for her rights alongside labor leader César Chávez. We look at the legacy of Hugo Chávez, who died a year ago, and catch up on Venezuela’s  current protests. The band La Santa Cecilia stands up for an undocumented bandmate. And we hear some sabiduría from “The Voice of God.”

#1409 - Queer

This week on Latino USA, we talk about all things Queer—from Anthony Romero, the first gay director of the ACLU, to the practice of “pumping,” or black market silicone injections, in the trans community. We hear two stories about growing up and transitioning genders. We learn about the plight of LGBTQ detained immigrants. We investigate the paranormal in Laredo, Texas. Maria Hinojosa gets a surfing lesson in New York, of all places. We hear from a gay man who ran for class president at UNC. And we check in on the protests in Venezuela.