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Latino USA chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America, with in-depth reporting and candid conversations.

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#1605 - Miscommunication

Miscommunications can be pretty typical occurrences for Latinos who are bilingual or bicultural. And often, they're harmless or even humorous - like a boy who thought his grandmother wanted to take him to a "baby city," not that she was going to babysit him. But miscommunications can also have grave consequences. During the 1970s, family planning programs in Los Angeles led to many forced sterilizations of women who were confused about what they were consenting to. Plus the definitive theory on Latino "Sorry" songs.

#1604 - There and Back

On today's show we ask: What is happening in Central America? What is the U.S. doing with migrants seeking asylum? We give you some history of how El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala got to this place and catch you up on the latest news regarding recent ICE raids.

#1603 - The Kids Are Not Alright

How does stress in the home affect children? On this episode of Latino USA we meet a family of American siblings whose mother lacks legal status in the U.S. to explore the unintended consequences immigration policies have on U.S. born kids. We also visit a pediatrician's office where babies are being screened by mental health experts. Although it may seem odd to send a toddler to a psychologist, doctors say it's never too early to help identify toxic stresses at home. This week we ask the question: Are the kids alright?

#1602 - Perspectives

Maria Hinojosa gets personal with a poet laureate, a feminist scholar, and a comedian. We bring one-on-one conversations with some of the most influential Latino thinkers and writers of today.

#1601 - ¡Tumbao! A Music Story Mixtape

"Tumbao" roughly translates into "groove or "swing" and it's what you call the bass line in Salsa music. But tumbao is also the feel of music, the way all the elements come together to make something unique. On this episode we're broadening the definition of tumbao. Latino USA kicks off the New Year by celebrating with stories of music of all genres that have their own sort swing: from folk to mambo and even some opera.

#1552 - Abuelos

Latino USA explores the rich and complicated relationship between Latinos and their grandparents. We look at the science behind the existence of abuelitos and hear from people who were raised by them.