Latino USA

Latino USA chronicles how Latinos are living, shaping and changing America, with in-depth reporting and candid conversations.

Recent Episodes

#1344 - Dia De Los Muertos

It's our special Day of the Dead episode, where we remember those who've passed away in the past year. Also: Latino goths and why they love Morrisey, hunting in New Mexico, rebirth through theater, Al Madrigal and Lalo Alcaraz on Halloween costumes, our favorite spooky films, and a discussion on whether immigration reform can be kept alive.

#1343 - Lost & Found

On the first anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Latino USA visits Staten Island, where the storm caused severe losses in immigrant communities. We'll examine echoes of Sandy's effects in Colorado's recent floods, hear about people of Hatian descent who have lost their citizenship in the Dominican Republic, hear the tales of immigrants deported, saved from detention, and saving an indigenous Mexican language. Also: why radio is important, especially in emergencies, two musical odysseys, and some words of wisdom from a Marine who recovers the long lost.

#1342 - Live in Sacramento

Latino USA is on the road and brings you this week’s show live from Sacramento. Host Maria Hinojosa interviews Californians about art and activism, writing and radio, and how the growth of California’s Latino population may indicate how the rest of the country adapts as Latinos become the largest minority.

#1341 - La Lucha

This edition of Latino USA is all about "la lucha"-the fight or struggle-from the ongoing efforts of business leaders and activists to reform immigration policy to songwriter Robi Draco Rosa's fight against cancer. Also: fights on cable news, one Spanish-language newspaper that's fought for a hundred years for Latinos, a small town's struggle for clean water, and words of wisdom from a Mexican wrestler.

#1340 - Buen Provecho!

Latino USA delves into issues of food this week. We’ll take a look at the consequences of cuts to food stamps. We’ll express our love for plantains, tortillas, and breakfast tacos. We’ll hear from an undocumented Bay Area family that makes hundreds of tamales per week, get some reflection on food and health from performance artist Robert Karimi, and celebrate the Mexican heritage of huitlacoche. And Pauline Campos of Latina magazine joins Latino USA producer Brenda Salinas to dispense some advice.

#1339 - ?Salud!

¡Salud! This week Latino USA discusses questions of health. First, how stress and poverty can make you sick, and the latest on teen pregnancy. Then, Al Madrigal and Lalo Alcaraz talk Obamacare, and we check in with California, with stories of youth and rural health. Host Maria Hinojosa shares her newfound healthy enthusiasm for soccer, we hear about the wisdom of boxing, and we raise a glass to Latinos working in wine. All this, and social media reactions to the PBS “Latino Americans” series.