Suspenseful Gases

Seen that new movie? It’s a gas! #suspense #comedy #movienight #gas

Coming Up: Master Masquerader

Sandra guarantees it -- no one else will be wearing these #Halloween costumes!

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Practice, Practice

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The Youth Gene

Do these genes make me look old? #genes @ErasmusMC @UniversityLeeds #aging

Threading Needles

Hand-eye coordination -- without the hand

Red Tide off the shores of San Diego County, 2015

Risky Red Tide

These shrimp may need a 12-step program! #HarmfulAlgalBlooms #RedTide #HAB #Copepods


You’ll “Like” this study on social media! #teens #socialmedia #brainactivity @UCLA #YOLO

The tipped spears did not penetrate deeper than the untipped spears, but they did create larger and wider inner wound cavities.

Sharp Sticks

Ballistics testing ancient hunting weapons