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Mood Pen

A new gizmo lets your emotions flow through your writing.

Mood music, mood ring, mood. . . pen?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

and with a newly emotional way to Flick your Bic The "mood pen" was developed by the wizards at Phillips Electronics. Sensors in the shaft of the pen monitor physiological factors, things like heart beat, blood pressure, skin temperature, and finger pressure.

A microchip interprets the author's emotional state. Based on that information, tiny actuators at the tip of the pen alter the color and shape of the written line to reflect the author's mood WHILE he's writing.

A love letter might come out all roundy and pink. A "Dear John" letter? Jagged, black.

Think of what we could learn if all pens worked like that? What was Thomas Jefferson feeling when he penned the Declaration of Independence?

Passion? Patriotism? PANIC at making the deadline?

For the hopelessly inhibited, Phillips plans to include an OFF switch.

Probably a good idea. When I fill out my tax return, the IRS folk probably don't want to know exactly what I'm really feeling.